Friday, July 22, 2011

Keep Your Cool

It's well established how much I enjoy the heat. I'm not truly comfortable until we hit 80 and I start to get really happy somewhere around 85. I've been kind of in heaven since we (finally) got summer. Even I have to admit, though, that the last couple of days have been...a little excessive.

Everyone keeps reminding each other to "go slowly." Makes it sound like, in heat like this, there's any other achievable speed. It's good to be careful, though, I know. Hydration is important, cooling, sunscreen. I'm an advocate. Promise.

I thought of a few of other important safety concerns while we're at it.

1. When you get off the subway train move quickly and politely to the center of the platform. Not only is it common courtesy, if you wear glasses the extreme temperature fluctuation between the delightfully air conditioned car and the dank, hotbox of a platform will fog up your glasses and you could very well fall on your face. If you can beat the fog to the center of the platform you'll be able to clean your glasses and move safely to your destination without being run over by your fellow commuters.

2. Pay attention to your breathing. Well, at this point, how can you not? It's like a scene out of The Abyss over here. I'm not saying it's uncomfortable but if I had the option to quit breathing, just until it cools down, I would. But I don't so I have to be strategic about it. Keep your eyes peeled to avoid breathing near sewers, curbside garbage, the armpits of your fellow commuters and the like. If you pass out from the stench no one is going to move you. It's too hot to be all rooting around hauling some stranger up by her sweat-slick limbs. Then you'll get concrete burns on your face just lying there (you can fry and egg out there, today!) and that's not good either. So breathe responsibly folks.

3. Don't position yourself between an old lady* and the ice cream freezer at the deli. Surely you know that's only asking for trouble.

*I know I'm only 42 but it's older than some.

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  1. "Breathe responsibly" would make a great yoga T.