Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh, No, I Couldn't Possibly

I have been accused in the past of not being able to accept help. I have also been accused of being a leech. Perhaps I hit a middle ground. Perhaps I have more trouble asking for help with the mundane everyday than I do with the bizarre.

This weekend I was afforded the opportunity to visit a family member in a New England hospital thanks to the generosity of many friends. I had no problem apparently asking JRH if she would amuse my dog for the day since I didn't want to leave him home (I'm traveling a lot in the next month and a half) and he could not, of course, come to the hospital. I asked this huge thing not even noticing that there would be a grand benefit. OK, I noticed that there would be one benefit, I'd get to see JRH, which happens all too rarely, but I would also get to meet her dogs. And she'd get to meet mine. I did not let the opportunity pass without taking some shots of her canine companions. Now I wish it were more feasible for them all to hang out more often. While they played in pairs throughout the day we never did tempt fate with a three dog free for all.

Pony Express did the drive with me. And by with I mean that I did perhaps a quarter of the driving. Perhaps. I did pay for lunch and parking and one tank of gas. But only one. I also hid some money in her mother's car but I don't know if anyone is ever going to find that. Yes, her mother's car. Because it was apparently not beyond me to say, "Why that would be great if it would be OK with Humma." when Pony Express said she thought we should borrow the car and do a one day round trip drive to New England. Which means that not only did Humma lend us her car but she picked us up at the train station, fed us a delicious meal and gave me a prime air conditioned room to sleep in for the scant few hours before our departure.

So I guess if you think I don't accept enough help you should just offer me something a little more audacious. Careful, though, I'll probably accept.

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