Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Photo Challenge: MUSIC (to my ears)

Yesterday was a mountain of a day with the memorial and some family stuff going on so I'm a little late this morning with the challenge results. Pardon me!

The MUSIC (to my ears) challenge was tough for some, I think. Or it could have been the record high temps across the country melting the innards of both our brains and our cameras. And yet there are still far more entries than I'm featuring here and I think you'll count yourself lucky if you can plunk down in front of a fan and scroll through them.

Fondofsnape's sweetheart is a musician. I have tried to perfect this sort of shot while photographing musicians and I've never quite gotten it right. Love what she's captured here.

This glimpse into the life and times of Elephant Soap and her beloved feels like Bonnie and Clyde to me but Bonnie and Clyde as interpreted by Ionesco or Weird Al Yankovic.

Seems like we might have a theme here aside from the assigned one. It's all photos of partners and families. Though these guys aren't my family they are one half of herm007's family at a recent fabulous backyard bash.

Which brings us, of course, to our new challenge. I am a homebody, y'all, but for about 6 weeks I'm not sitting down much. Day trips, weekend trips, a weeklong jaunt to a state I've never seen before. Which means that the next challenge will have to be (Get Out The) MAP.

Please (really, PLEASE!) submit your photos to our Flickr Pool tagged with PhotoChallenge and MAP by Tuesday morning August 2 for posting on Wednesday August 3 before I get on the plane to sunny San Diego. Submit as many as you like. Any level of photographer is welcome, we love to have you. If you have questions you can comment here or email me at isabeau6 at hotmail dot com.

Thank you!


  1. We are so like Bonnie and Clyde. Played by Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman.

    I love that guy's mustache!

  2. You guys SO are.

    His mustache is spectacular. Best story is that there's another fancy mustache guy on the block. He's all about having a whole fancy wardrobe and demeanor as well. The package is SO fancy in fact that he refuses to speak to or even acknowledge M. Mustache Wars, that's what's up in gentrified Brooklyn.

  3. oh the mustache war sounds wicked funny.