Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Uncertainty Principle

I will certainly use any excuse to stop motion. When I get on a roll I am Accomplishment Woman! Give me one focus and the tiniest shove and I will blow you away with my Doing of Things! Any excuse, any tiny pebble in my shoe, though, and I'm just as happy to sit down by the road and wait until all the pebbles in the whole world have rolled away of their own accord.

I get paralyzed is what I'm saying.

I know that I'm going to New England tomorrow for the jam packiest 48 hours on record (except for that time I saw 19 shows in 3.5 days at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival but that was different). I also know that about a month from now, on August 3, I'll head West for a wee tour of California. In the middle, though, there's a little jaunt I can't be sure of. Will it happen? When will it happen? How best to go about it? I don't have any control over the answers, which in this case is as it should be, but I'm still focusing all my worry there. Can't move until these answers come.

Except I have to. Some of the flights for my CA extravaganza are on sale today. I have to leave by 9am tomorrow for New England and the answers for the other trip for sure won't be available by then. My fingers don't want to click and save, my mind does not want to make a packing list, my camera lies dormant until I force it at ice cream spoon point to take its daily photo.

Really, I'll just wait over here on the curb. It's OK. Don't mind me.

But I must go.


  1. Well, just let me know when you plan on getting to our leg of the race. I can't wait to see you! And drag you into to crazy shenanigans!

  2. Hey, those are my legs! :) I know how you feel, hon. I get the same way. You'll work through it like you always do.