Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 Moments

Some of these will be Blogher related and some will be plain old vacation related. Just little things, things that might get lost otherwise.

1. Looking up from texting Aaryn details of my airporty whereabouts to see her leap out of her car in front of me.

2. Heading to the front desk of the Marriott after bidding Aaryn adieu, saying hello to the clerk then looking right and realizing that Cindy was standing next to me speaking to another clerk. Our timing, it is perfection.

3. Inspiring a pedicab bidding war to get us back from The Midway to the hotel. Then feeling a little bad about only paying $10 + tip.

4. Listening to 2 tourists behind me in line for the trolley strike up a conversation and finding that one of them lives right near Cindy. Sadly Cindy and I had parted ways 2 cities and 4 days before so I couldn't introduce her.

5. The intensely gorgeous and delicious cheese and goodie plate designed and executed by Aaryn's husband, Sam, to help ease me into the Pacific time zone. Cheese definitely helps jet lag.

6. Sitting in the car with Chris. All the time sitting in the car while she drove me all over LA. Sometimes when you don't talk to someone for a long time you forget how awesome it is. Also, I love car conversations.

7. After Chris left for work on Monday I spent a good chunk of time winning her skittish boy cat over. Mostly that involved sitting very still and using my peripheral vision, two things at which I am very good. In less than 2 hours I convinced him to nose my hand and let me pet his tail. Apparently that doesn't happen very often. I am pretty proud of myself for someone who read a book and sat on a toilet to achieve a goal.

8. Matthew apologizing for not bringing me to more touristy things in San Francisco. "Oh god, don't worry about that, I really liked wandering around the Mission looking at all the murals," I assured him. "I thought you would," he quietly replied.

9. Sitting by the fire pit near the pool on Saturday morning communing with camera and iPad before the sessions began.

10. Walking out of dinner our last night in San Diego, hearing music and realizing we were getting an incredibly clear listen to the Swing Dance show happening on the flight deck of The Midway. We danced a little on our way back to the hotel and the closing night festivities.

Photos: 1. Kind and gracious Superman on Hollywood Boulevard. 2. Cindy sorting her Blogher swag. 3. Puppies that were brought by a major movie company as a distraction outside a party one night. 


  1. Oooh. I loved number 10 too!

  2. It sounds like the trip was fantastic. So happy that we got to spend time together at BlogHer. XO