Tuesday, August 02, 2011

10 Things Traveling Shoes

I actually really like to travel. I'm sure that doesn't come across sometimes but I swear to you I do. I like it to be special, though. Traveling every month, or even every other month, is a lot to me or at least enough to keep it from being a treat. I like the feeling of stepping out not of being chased away and at a certain point that's how it begins to feel. In honor of my upcoming trip (tomorrow!) here are 10 things I like about traveling.

1. Taking pictures of new people, places and things.

2. Eating out all the time and not feeling guilty because that's the only option.

3. Seeing people I hardly ever get to see.

4. Uninterrupted stretches of time on forms of transportation where no one can expect me to do anything.

5. That peculiar half-anonymity that comes from sitting next to a companion and both facing forward. It allows for fantastic conversations, often more intimate than if you were sitting across the table from each other.

6. Seeing the everyday workings of other places. If I come to visit you I'll want to see the touristy attractions a bit, sure, but I'll be equally glad to go grocery shopping with your or check out your office or drop your kid off at camp.

7. Aimless wandering just to see where this road leads. Sure, I can do that here, too, but it doesn't have quite the same thrill when you have to get home in time to walk the dog.

8. Being able to say yes when someone asks, "Have you been to _______?"

9. No laundry, no pet care, no job attendance, no dishes to wash, no grocery shopping (of my own), no ordinary responsibilities.

10. The intense gratitude for home upon my return.


  1. This reminds me. Someone at work recommended we eat at the Fish Market in that shopping district next to our hotel. She's from San Diego...I think I trust her. Can. Not. Wait!

  2. YAY for this trip!!!!! Yay for photos of this trip!!!!

  3. depending on where you are staying in SD, go to Sevilla for tapas. they have some of the best paella I've had this side of the Atlantic. their other food's good, too, but their paella...god, I'm drooling over the thought of having it again. sigh.

  4. since i forgot the link, http://www.cafesevilla.com/locs/sanDiego/index.html