Tuesday, September 06, 2011

And Then I Said

In the wake of a list of things I might say it only feels honest to share something I did say today.

Colleague: So I was listening to the radio this morning and they said that there was this thing on Coney Island this weekend with wings, you know? Chicken wings?

Me: An eating contest?

C: Yeah, with Joey Chestnut.

M: Yup. He usually wins the hot dog contest.

C: Well, they said this girl won*. I can't remember her name.

M: Did they call her The Black Widow?

C: They did!

M: Awesome! She's amazing. I love her. Can't watch her eat, though.....

It may be time for someone to forcibly remove my cable TV.

*For the record this is the second year in a row Sonya Thomas has beaten Chestnut in the wing eating event.

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