Wednesday, September 14, 2011

But First...

The photo challenge post is a little complicated today, as is my life, so it's going to be late. In the mean time, though, I need to ask you to spoil your pets.

Steph, who adopted a hilarious little old man of a dachsund last year, asked me to point you to The Long & The Short of It. The proprieters had to let go of one of their mascot dogs, Maggie, yesterday after discovering that the cancer had taken her body over.

Treats please. For everyone. For doing what they do best; breathing, napping, staring, running, walking, standing, drooling. At least one treat for each activity. At least.



  1. Treats for everyone. So say we all.

  2. Homer and Francine say thank you. Cat napping all day is hard work!

  3. So say we all...and Thank You to The Force

  4. Steph4:51 PM

    Thank you! Charlie is already on treat #2 just for looking good today

  5. I wish I had video of me doling out tiny pieces of dried duck dog treats to my cats and dog last night. They were like urchins in a Dickens novel, it was hilarious!