Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No Letter, Just Spirit

Don't seem to have a 10 things list in me today. I have a grid, a plan, a calendar, though.

Last week on the very same day two ladies from two different states both said to me, "So, what are you thinking about the fall TV season?" This, for JRH, Chili and anyone else who cares, is how I'm tackling the fall grid. (I used a grid I can't find now but I found it far more user-friendly than the TV Guide one. Sorry!) New shows are marked with an asterisk.

8:00pm HIMYM 
8:30pm 2 Broke Girls*
9:30pm Mike & Molly 
10:00pm Castle
               Playboy Club* (Largely for the theatre performers in it and for David Krumholtz.)

8:00pm Glee
9:00pm New Girl*
             Ringer* (After the Robert Bianco review JRH sent me how can I not at least try it? P.S. It's premiering tonight.) 
9:30pm Raising Hope
10:00pm Parenthood (Season premiere tonight! Huzzah!)
               Sons of Anarchy (Thank you The Good Wife for switching nights and not making that            time slot another low rent Sophie's Choice of a time.)

8:30pm  Free Agents* (Not high hopes but it has Hank Azaria, a woman I did life coaching with and a third person I can't remember)
9:00pm Modern Family
8:00pm Big Bang Theory 
             Grey's Anatomy
             Person of Interest*
10:00pm Prime Suspect* (Mostly because I want to be able to speak definitively on whether or not they're completely fucking up the concept from the Brit version.)

8:00pm A Gifted Man* (For the theatre factor of Patrick Wilson and Jennifer Ehle AND Margo Martindale is in it too so fingers crossed even if it is in a time slot MADE for icky softballs.)
9:00pm Fringe
10:00pm Blue Bloods (Not because I like it a lot but because it films in NYC and I want to support that.) 
Perhaps catching repeats but that's never reliable

8:00pm Once Upon A Time*
9:00pm Good Wife
10:00pm I might try Pan Am*. Then again I might not be able to it looks like exactly what it's advertised as, a low rent Mad Men knockoff costume show.

I'll also watch Boardwalk Empire but probably On Demand as I have time for it. I have friends in it and working for it and it films in NYC. When Mad Men comes back I'll be there. I fully expect about half the new shows on my roster above to tank well before Mad Men premieres. I'm also in for the USA partial seasons - Psych, Royal Pains, Burn Notice etc. when they come.


  1. I made a list as I was going through the (not user-friendly) T.V. Guide site. I may break down and buy an actual T.V. Guide the next time I'm at the grocery store:

    Allen Gregory
    American Horror Story
    A Gifted Man
    Hell on Wheels (this one has a question mark next to it; I don't remember why the hesitation...)
    Once Upon a Time
    Person of Interest
    Prime Suspect (I've never seen the British version... I should try to get it)
    Whitney (I saw a preview for this in the theatres that made me snort soda out my nose. I'll give it a couple of episodes to see if it works)

  2. Crap, I keep forgetting American Horror Story! That's on the list. I would completely discount it except that it has Connie Britton in it.


    I've never heard of Allen Gregory or Hell on Wheels.

  3. I finally caught up with the last 4 episoes of Boardwalk Empire ... what a great show!

    SOA I adore...watched it this morning before work in fact. Dave doesn't watch tv, at least, not anything new, so I tend to watch my shows when he's not home. He leaves for work at 530 so I get at least an hour each morning for tv watching if I so choose...then I ask him to run the vac because I "don't have time" ;-)

    Looking forward to American Horror Story. And I watch Breaking Bad, LA Ink (not sure why, so much drama nowadays, I liked it when it was just about tattooing), and a few cable shows like Dexter, Nurse Jackie, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Big C and True Blood.

  4. That's some serious TV viewing. I keep forgetting we have a DVR, but I wish we had been able to record Falling Skies last season. Hopefully I can remember to watch New Girl, Terra Nova, and Alcatraz (when it airs next year).

  5. Hiya,

    So glad you posted this; I know you watch even more TV than I do and I always so value your choices and informing me about what's new and might be happening. I myself don't actually have as many shows to watch as I used to, partially because I had too many and dropped the ball on a few (like Bones and House) so now need to go back and rent Season 5 and/or 6 on both to catch up.

    For me, I've got:

    Haven- because one day, ONE day, I AM going to get cast on this show (I auditioned for six different roles for this season and got callbacks for three- argh!).

    Being Erica - this is the final season and is a Canuck show, although rumour has it NBC is making a US version of it. Follow through on your comment re the BBC version of Prime Suspect most likely being superior though and see if you can find the original to watch on DVD. My friend Aaron helped create and write this show.

    Glee- it's wacky craziness but sometimes it really makes me laugh.

    This Hour Has 22 Minutes- this is another Canuck show, sketch comedy done by some crazy ass Newfoundlanders and is still pretty hilarious... I think I may be on last night's show... or maybe it's two weeks time.

    Camelot- this is a co-pro historial drama so who knows? Could be good, could be bad.

    Pan Am- may try. May tank early. Could go either way.

    Grey's Anatomy- although I think this show has to give up the ghost this season. Much better last year was its spinoff..

    ..Private Practice which I will definitely watch.

    Republic of Doyle- another Canuck show about a father and son detective team working in St. John's Newfoundland. It doesn't start till January though. Russell Crowe is doing a cameo on it this season though (its 3rd).

    PBS Mystery and Masterpiece Theatre- there's usually pretty consistent programming here. Can't WAIT for second season of Downtown Abbey.

    Weeds- getting a little long in the tooth.

    Rescue Me- new and final season starts here this week. One of my faves so will be sorry to see it go.

    Revenge... might be a possibility. It stars that girl from Brothers and Sisters which I was watching but which got canned.

    Really wish I got HBO and some of the other US cable networks because I would love to see Boardwalk Empire, Nurse Jackie and Call Me Fitz, especially since I have a bit part in an episode this season... well, if I don't end up on the cutting room floor, as I usually do!

  6. I suck at keeping up with a schedule, but I think we'll be trying our darndest to watch Boardwalk Empire, Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones. BE was a bit of a surprise last year...Chris made a point to watch it every week, and I got sucked in. WD is mostly because it's: 1 - a series about zombies; 2 - a well-done series about zombies; 3 - a well-done series about zombies that was based on a freaking comic...and OHMYGOD the scenes are accurate to the comic. Oh, and Game of Thrones, aside from a few smallish discrepancies from the book, has been excellent.

    The rest of what's on TV will simply have to wait until it's on DVD.

  7. Janet I watch all of your cable list on DVD except C Word and Curb. I'll never be a Curb girl but I think I might love C Word. What do you think?

    Chris, I'm a TV junkie. I try to play it like I'm an afficionado but I'm a junkie. USE THAT DVR. TNT is rerunning eps of Falling Skies a couple times a week in the middle of the night.

    Ruby, I've seen ALL of the real Prime Suspect. Every last drop. The US version is entirely missing the point. UGH! Yesterday I likened Grey's to ER. It's going to keep on trucking just because they can rotate characters out and recycle storylines like nobody's business. It's a draft horse. I still love Weeds but it is getting weirder. I thought Rescue Me went out on a good note. Eventually you'll be able to get all the HBO stuff on DVD. That's how I watch all the Showtime and Starz stuff that's good.

    Laura, thanks for mentioning Walking Dead, I'm totally on for that, though a little nervous about the change in showrunner. Will be on board for Game of Thrones, too, but wonder if we'll see anything before next summer. I watch a LOT of my TV on DVD. I like not having to wait a week between eps.

  8. WD is well done. Chris gets angry at the characters, but he's a bit of a zombie expert, so he ends up frustrated when they do things he'd know to avoid. He forgets it's based on a comic, and a LOT of scenes in the show are taken directly from the pages of that comic. It's a bit gory - keep that in mind - though I suppose it's to be expected when zombies are dying.

    I have the first season of GoT in digital media, if you have dropbox and want it sent your way.