Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Photo Challenge: RELIEF

It has slowly come to my attention that I may have used relief as a prompt before. Oh well! We're throwing caution to the winds around here. If you've ever seen these pictures before it's because they're twice as awesome! Guaranteed.

Click links. Comment. Scroll Down. Enter. Love. Click shutters. Share. And stuff.

When fondofsnape sent this one I remembered seeing it ages ago. I love these gals! They are, for sure, the women you want in your corner at your wedding. It seems the bride was aware of that and gave them the gift of quite a nice dress color and style.

Zeldapinn has gone back to school, grad school, this fall. Studying can be draining and this is how she finds relief. (For the record there were photos submitted of alcohol as relief but, interestingly, these four were more exciting for me.)

I am going through some sad feelings about the end of summer, the cooler temps and the loss of light. This photo has been keeping me going this week. I did, though, feel a little badly not including lshykula's other submission since her elder son deserved the sympathy of viewers.

My friend, Matt, ordered this lobster paella for a group of us while I was in San Francisco last month. There is not enough paella in my life and woefully little lobster paella.

I read this quote today about how "the discovery of America" is inaccurate. So true! Yet, DISCOVER is a great prompt for a photo (or an essay, or an artist's date). I decree that it shall be our prompt. Remember to interpret that any way you please.

Please submit your photos to our Flickr Pool by 9am on Tuesday September 27 for posting on Wednesday September 28. Email me with questions: isabeau6 at hotmail dot com. Tag with PhotoChallenge and RELIEF if you can, please. Have fun!


  1. something I want to do, learn to do, to do better, to do at all, is start taking pictures and using Flikr like the rest of the cool kids. I've been needing a camera because all I have is my phone which blo-ho-hos...I'm happy my phone pic made it to you and that you knew how to submit it!!! God Bless Coke Zero and Jr Mints.

  2. I feel we can make this happen. God Bless Jr Mints!

  3. I've always felt can a country be discovered when people are already living there?

    I'm feeling QUITE sad these days...and I'm sure it's due to summer being over. Blech.

    In the last paragraph, you might want to change "RELIEF" to "DISCOVER"...or maybe not, I don't know :-) God, I'm a pain in the ass!!!