Thursday, September 08, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Love

This week I have been, unquestionably, in love with Twitter. I can't stop tweeting and retweeting and reading tweets and thinking of twittering schemes for friends' businesses. I like the way I can share things so easily. I like how I can tell everyone I know (who tweets) about something new I've discovered (grilled cheese in my neighborhood!).  I know there are flaws, lord knows there are flaws in even the best things, but I remain in big love.  Big, non-monogamous love.

Earlier today I read this article about reasons for which a certain citizen blocks people on Twitter. I found myself getting kind of offended until I realized why. She has very specific reasons for using Twitter and very specific ways for how she does it. I was getting put off because I've got different reasons and because she didn't seem to be allowing for any leeway in user choice. Some people get their inspiration in tweets so they like the quotes. Some people are only promoting a business or a book or a system, unless I'm really into that business, book or system I just won't follow them. Some people use it for customer service (oh yay for that!) and others for political discourse (boy has my feed blown up the past two nights) and some people like to know about the inner workings of a celebrities life (try Donnie Wahlberg's feed, he's kind of awesome).

So here's a question or three for the day: Do you use Twitter? How? Why?


  1. Yes! I use twitter to state silly random crap, but I also use to remind people to go read something I've written on the blog. That's a new thing. I guess I want people to actually read it. Go fig.

  2. I love twitter yet I don't use it as much as you would think. One really good thing about twitter? When you have a question about damn near anything you can have an answer within minutes. Recent examples: ants in my kitchen, winner of the little league world series. I also like that I can 'chat' with my friends most any time of the day or night. I don't typically follow businesses that only tweet their stuff-that's not what I'm there for!

  3. I have a twitter account, but I know I don't use it to its fullest potential.

  4. i use it, but not for anything productive.

  5. Damita12:08 AM

    I LOVE Twitter but I don't use it like most people do. I don't follow anyone I know personally. It's a collection of musicians, artists, directors, writers, actors, comedians and just about anyone that I find interesting and/or funny. Some famous, some not so famous. They post some amazing stuff. Everything from great articles, new music, art, books, cool events, funny stuff and photos from all over the world. I've been on since Feb, and haven't tweeted once, but I now follow 110 people. BTW, remembered to respond to this because you brought up AFP's ninja gigs on your 9/10 post. Love following her and Neil.

  6. Cindy, I like when you do that so I can retweet it.

    HeadlessMom, isn't that great? I get fantastic customer service via Twitter. No one on the phone is ever as helpful as someone on Twitter. I don't know why but I like it!

    Chili, when you decide to work it you will fall head first in love I do believe. The customer service possibilities alone I think will make you explode with joy.

    Laura, it's for productive stuff? :)

    Damita, I love to do that, too. Do you follow Neil Patrick Harris? He's tweeting less now that he has twins but he's very personable and funny. Alyson Hannigan was tweeting on set during shooting yesterday in a scene where she was supposed to be texting. My faves, I think, are Elaine Boosler and Paula Poundstone. Oh and Lizz Winstead. Such funny ladies.