Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tomorrow At Seven

There's nothing funny about a miscarriage of justice. I think Troy Davis's execution is what we should all be talking about today. I know it's Repeal Day for DADT but that battle is won. This one is tragically lost and we must fight harder than ever to keep it from being lost again.

10 Things Death Penalty

1. Troy Davis is scheduled to be executed by the state of Georgia tomorrow at 7pm.

2. 7 of the 9 eye witnesses to the crime have recanted their testimony identifying Mr. Davis.

3. There is no physical evidence to link Mr. Davis to this crime.

4. More than 630,000 letters were delivered to his parole board hearing last Friday by Amnesty International.

5. The parole board denied clemency in this last ditch effort to save Mr. Davis's life.

6. "Three jurors have signed affidavits saying that if they had all the information about Troy, they would not have voted to convict. One juror even arrived in person to the Board of Pardons and Paroles to say to their faces that she would not have voted to convict if she’d had the facts."

7. " Sylvester “Redd” Coles, bragged afterward about doing the shooting. Of the two witnesses who still maintain that Troy was the triggerman, one is Sylvester “Redd” Coles."

8. With this much doubt in the case it seems to me, admittedly an opponent of the death penalty, that supporters of the it would be committed to having this conviction overturned before the execution because it is a whole quiver of arrows in the arsenal of we opponents.

9. The crime in question occurred in 1989. Mr. Davis has been a prisoner of the state for 22 years.

10. In Georgia the governor has no power to stay executions. With the parole board hearing concluded there are no other options for clemency. Mr. Davis will die tomorrow shortly after 7pm. In your prayers and thoughts and meditations the next two days I ask you to keep him in your thoughts.

This is why the death penalty option does not work.


  1. I just don't understand how they can even continue with this. It should be a no brainer. Let the guy go.

    Any way...I've signed every petition that's been sent my way over this. That's about all I can do.

  2. There's a campaign for a last minute judgement on Social Media. I can't access the Facebook version from work. The Twitter version is linked to the hashtag #TooMuchDoubt.

  3. I had NO idea. No idea until I read your post. Kizz aka Christiane Amanpour.

  4. http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/documents/FactSheet.pdf
    I don't know how valid this is... but I found it interesting. The relationship between race and crime and death is overwhelming.