Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10 Things TV

About the only thing I seem able to concentrate on. Though I have done a decent job of decluttering my house. Well, starting. The goal here is to have the place ready for the post-Thanksgiving open house by Halloween so all I have to do is cook.

There should probably be a Depends warning on that last sentence, shouldn't there? Ah well, dreams!

Here are my 10 Things TV.

1. Re: Breaking Bad's season finale all I can say is, "Woof!" But I might have to say it a lot. Recently someone said to me that the series must be ending because they didn't have anywhere else to go. Well. I guess they managed to open up a couple of avenues after all, didn't they?

2. Boardwalk Empire seems to be off to a rollicking start. Sometimes it moves a little languorously for my taste but it's Scorsese so that's to be expected. As of now, though, I'm hooked again! I am also more in love than ever with scary, old-timey Omar Little. Indeed.

3. I have axed Ringer, Pan Am, Playboy Club and Free Agents from the roster. PC got axed by its network, too. It's expected that FA will go any minute now, which is a shame because it's a great team but it's an awful show.

4. I am finally awash, squeaky-clean-like, in the soapiness of Grey's Anatomy. As we all know I'm character driven so I keep watching for my people but the show is just ridiculous. Except for Owen & Cristina. I can't tell whether this is because whoever writes for them is just better than whoever is writing for the rest of the show or if those 2 actors are simply able to make any crazy old thing sound plausible but I'm glad of it, whichever it is.

5. It seems like Sons of Anarchy has been on the verge of being absolutely thrilling and riveting for about a season and a half. I hope they get their grip back soon. Moment to moment it's great but the larger picture gets fuzzy.

6. I am possibly the only person on the planet who likes Whitney better than 2 Broke Girls. They're both fine, just fine, whatever sitcoms. I get a minimum of one out loud laugh per ep but Whitney seems more....fluid maybe? Don't know. It might also be that with Whitney we're not having to wade through the super broad unfunny racial stereotypes to get to what the writers seem actually committed to writing. (P.S. Mike & Molly could ditch their straight-out-of-1974 racial stereotypes and be a lot easier to watch, too.)

7. If you're watching 2 Broke Girls you should also read the weekly recap from Brokelyn, a blog based in the same neighborhood that the show is set in. (Not shot in, no, they shoot in LA, but in theory it's where it's based.)

8. How exactly does Castle manage to stay so consistent? It's funny. It does mostly stand alone eps. The mysteries are engaging. The characters aren't one dimensional. They've had one major character change in however many seasons. It's not stale. I commend them and continue to wonder how they do it but you know, I don't need to hear how the sausage is made, just serve it to me every Monday night and I'm happy.

9. There was a flash of a rumor this summer that Joshua Jackson was leaving/had left Fringe. I've seen no announcement and really don't think that's true. After seeing the first few episodes of the season I stand by my convictions. Anyone want to prove me wrong/break my heart?

10. After seeing it everywhere in every repository of fandom and 'shipping I finally succumbed yesterday and tried a couple of episodes of the first season of Downton Abbey. All those fans are right. It's that good. If you enjoy a nice costume drama and some household intrigue and Maggie Smith in fabulous hats just snobbing the bejesus out of a role then I suggest you dive headlong into this nest of hornets.

What are you watching?

*From the top: Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad, Kat Dennings of 2 Broke Girls, Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad, Maggie Smith of Downton Abbey & Nathan Fillion of Castle.


  1. I actually like The New Girl better than Whitney and 2 Broke Girls, but I like all 3. Whitney is funny and cute, but the show is in danger of becoming a weekly series about Whitney and her boyfriend fighting. 2 Broke Girls has had a few not-well-delivered gags, and some that seen really contrived. I like the idea of the 2 Broke Girls saving money to open a cupcake shop, and the money tally at the end of each episode. We should logically see them moving from the diner to working in their own shop in a few seasons, so the show is setting itself up to evolve.

  2. I should have explained. Whitney & 2BG were both created by the same woman. Whitney, actually. So that's why they're being compared all over the internet. I think that 2Bg may have a broader appeal and that's why it got picked up more quickly and got better buzz. Whitney isn't anything special in terms of an idea but it had the shit marketed out of it so it was set up for success. I like New Girl better than both as well but it had to grow on me. The pilot did not sit well. I'm getting into it now.

  3. i still haven't watched Castle, but i do love me some Fillion...and from what i understand, he brings up Firefly a *lot*. woo Browncoat.

  4. I love Downton Abbey and can't wait for the next season. I wasn't sure after the first episode, but Oh, it's so good.

  5. I wouldn't say he brings it up a LOT but he does bring it up juuuust enough to keep us browncoats happy!

    Apparently you can download the 2nd season of Downton, probably illegally. I assume it's currently airing in the UK. If my internet eavesdropping is correct it's on Monday nights.

  6. The makeup on Gus Fring was amazing! I mean...you knew, kind of, what was going to happen, but wow!

    There's a biker dude who writes reviews of each episode of SOA...pretty interesting, really.

    I just started watching the new episodes of Boardwalk. The scene in the jailcell was just desserts, I thought. Also, I love the lightning reflected in Steve Buscemi's eyes at the beginning of the show.

  7. I have to say I fell for the misdirect. There I sat, mouth agape, thinking, "Holy shit he actually is a fucking God, how the hell are they....Oh..." then I clapped a hand over my pie hole and just marveled. It was actually the last scene of the plant by the pool that hit me even harder. When I didn't think there was any harder to be hit!

    Do you have a link or a blog name for the SOA reviewer? I'd love to check that out.

    I keep coming back to how he kept up the ruse that he was reading and then when all was said and done he got one of the boys to read to him. The fact that he didn't need the power of letters to be their boss. There was something about it, not really a vulnerability but a sense of community or something to it that I can't stop running over in my head. The beating was absolutely just desserts and made all the worse by the fact that he got not one drop of blood on his suit. Powerful.

  8. C would agree with you re Breaking Bad... I just couldn't get into that show. Am on fence re Pan Am so we are still watching it. Downton Abbey by FAR the best TV on TV last year- can't wait for second season on PBS. Trust the Brits to get it right. I hear Revenge is good- I have it DVRed but have yet to watch it.

  9. My college roommate writes for Revenge. I really need to find a way to catch up on this season and start watching it, I think.