Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gary Gnu

I kind of like doing these little "news" briefings. Since I don't think of myself as much of a news junkie it's funny but I like it. I might try to do them in smaller chunks. Maybe you'll get two posts today, you lucky devil! For variety let's see what I've highlighted on Twitter this time around.

But before I do, you know that a certain whacky-haired Libyan dictator who shall remain unspellable has been killed, right? Sure, I tell you this to be certain you know but I also tell you because apparently there are photos of his dead, mutilated body going around. Now, I tell you that for two reasons. First, you might want to avoid them and second, I'm told that any moment now someone is going to appropriate the subject line, "Q_____'s Dead Body!" to cover up virusy emails. Don't get a virus.

On to Twitter!

It's National Day On Writing (You'll have to google, the site must be getting mega traffic. I can't get there to link it.). People are letting the world know why they write. Check out @SoonerSeth for the funniest one I've seen so far. So get thee to Twitter and use the hashtag #WhyIWrite. Then come back here and remind me to do it because I haven't yet.

@KateHarding tweeted a couple of weeks ago about a new Roku device. With all the Netflix hoopla do you think it'll be a good purchase for me? Will it help me ditch my cable do you think?

@Gawker highlighted the right wing version of We Are the 99%. It's called We Are The 53% and it's sad/foolish/freaky because most of the people contributing are the 99%. They need all the help Occupy Wall Street is talking about but they are staunchly denying it. I don't get it.

There's been a lot of talk lately about the dogs rescued from Michael Vick's dogfighting business. @GothamBooks helped promote a new book about that disaster. For my part I came up, a bit too late, with the perfect punishment for Vick. He should have to be Betty White's bodyguard. She's a fantastic animal advocate and having to apologize and help her in her work every day would have been the perfect rehab. I still don't think he should be getting paid the going rate to play football. You want to play so bad? You do it for minimum wage. The rest of your salary goes to animal shelters.

Hey, @KateHarding again, writing about the loss of her beloved old dog and the hilariously cute pup she took in soon after.

@WentRogue took some time to note how very dangerous the vaguely genial old dude, Mike Huckabee, is. He's not interested in elevating women or treating anyone as a person. Don't let him fool you.

@Bossy is on a list of 100 Women Bloggers You Should Be Reading. I know we're already reading so much but, hey, there's some good chicks on here in case you find yourself bored and with wifi one day. You might get hooked.

@Blogher pimped a post by Digital Chick TV about cable vs. internet TV watching and how we're getting our stories. Where do you fit?

I'm off to catch some more stories on the internet. What are you loving on the Twitter?

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