Thursday, October 20, 2011

Give Me An Old Fashioned

Sure, let's have another linky kind of a post. This one, as per usual*, from the google reader.

I love it when we can kick off on a great note. America's first LGBT Senior Center is opening in January! Let's hope this is the first of many. Please click through to the link if only for the truly glorious photo that Gothamist used for the post.

Holy political inrage, Batman! Two good notes in a row. The FBI is changing the definition of rape...wait for it...for the better. Thanks, Fibbies, we needed that.

This dog was surrendered because her owners didn't have time for her. She breaks my heart and I want to bring her home immediately.

A Tennessee county has defunded Planned Parenthood and is now awarding a family planning grant to a faith based organization that openly opposes abortion. Fuckers.

I have seen these 10 Top Tips to End Rape before but not in this fantastic poster format. They're easy steps and if we could all follow them everyone would be safer, that's for sure.

In honor of a friend who has died Subeb0b posted a really lovely poem. I like the words, the images, and the form of it. Hope you do, too.

The Tumblr, Fuck Yeah Neil Patrick Harris, is gone. However, there is both a Fuck Yeah Ryan Gosling and a Feminist Ryan Gosling Tumblr. I love them both. Hat Tip to Maggie for the Feminist link.

Scroll down to the bottom of this Advanced Style post for one of the best inspirational quotes of the month. This woman has style on every ring of her proverbial tree.

Our friend and ally, Steph, has started a Tumblr. It's full of vintage screen stars and her dachshund, Charlie. I think you will love it, especially this entry.

Here are some tips on how to be a generous blogger. Maybe they're obvious, maybe they aren't but I think it's a nice refresher course to help us all keep spreading the love.

Chili wrote about learning something really aggravating on her annual apple picking trip. I'd be interested to hear how you think the problem ought to be handled.

I met Laura at Blogher this year and she recently got super fired up and posted this anti-We Are The 99% message that she ran across. If you think unemployment is a choice for everyone who is unemployed right now you're fucking kidding yourself. And Laura knows whereof she speaks.

That's enough for now, don't you think? From Ryan Gosling to dachsunds to choice to apples? That's probably the gamut. At least for today.

*I'll be so impressed if you know what TV show I got that phrase from. Well, I'll be impressed if you know and you're not JRH.


  1. Yay thanks for the shout-out. I have just been assuming nobody looks at my tumblr. :)

  2. I look at it every day. I just don't have a Tumblr account so I can't comment or repost or anything.

  3. I'm writing a rape play now. Thanks for those links. Through one of those I got to something else that I hadn't heard of and I think I'm going to use it somehow.

  4. Kizz, I always love your linky posts...going to check a few now!

    That poor sweet doggie...I hope she finds a great home!