Saturday, October 08, 2011

Guest Dog

Ben had his first couple of nights of sleepovers with us last week. He was, of course, properly put out and punished me a little for stealing him from his girl but eventually he realized that the beatings would not be regular or heart felt. At one point, with the heaviest of sighs, he lay down in a gorgeous ray of sunlight. I got down on the floor and started to take some portraits of him. My dog, of course, couldn't stand to see anyone else getting even an iota of attention so he wormed right in between Ben and the camera. The result is, I think, a few nice shots*. Such good dogs.

*Click that link and you can click through all 5 or 7 of the shots I was able to get.


  1. Eddie makes me laugh. And it's a great photo.

  2. the expression in Eddie's eyes in the second shot is just hyterical!

  3. That is a particular look that he only deploys in extreme situations. As time went on and I continued to give both dogs the exact same amount of attention it became an EXTREME situation.