Thursday, October 06, 2011

One Of These Things Is Just Like The Others

The esteemed maker of all things snackage and caramelly asked me this morning if I'd seen a news story about a dog, lost 2 years, returned to his owner from 3,000 miles away. Apparently he looks like Eddie. I am always skeptical but interested since I hadn't seen anything like Eddie until I saw him. Now I see his ilk everywhere.

Research turned up a couple of videos. This one is shorter and shows you more clearly what the dog looks like. He's both extremely similar and totally different than Ed. They think he's a chihuahua mix with some whippet in him whereas Ed is terrier topped with terrier with a drizzle of pug to temper the taste. This video is not for the faint of heart. It was shot live as the family met the dog at the airport. I don't know about you but seeing a teenage boy hug his dog and cry puts a stake right through my cold, black heart.

This video (via Foster Dogs NYC) does not include anything that physically resembles my dog. However, if you've heard me tell you how he scared the pants off a Great Dane or strongarmed a rottie into running with him this video shows you how it's done. Again, a chihuahua, so maybe some of his attitude comes from that breed. Also perhaps his internal thermostat.

Photos here are of my actual dog and are provided for reference since I'm sure that you've forgotten what the little bugger looks like.


  1. Just reading that sentence about the boy and the dog made me get teary. I can only image that the video will induce massive sobbing. I will avoid it at work.

    Unrelated: My word verification was singet. Singet Girl!

  2. When we first got Hooper, we were trying to figure out what he was. We hadn't really seen dogs like him before, but now we see dogs like him everywhere.

  3. I think it's just that we're looking for the sameness where we weren't before but I prefer to pretend that they never existed until I found my precious flower.

    Did you cry Cindy? I sure did!