Friday, October 21, 2011

Spirit Of The Season

A friend got us a big deal on a ghost tour of the East Village. It was, we have to admit, a little laughable. But I worked at my low light photo technique and I think I got somewhere with it. I'm showing you this photo not because it's the best one. It's really really not. This one is. I'm showing it to you because it has a story. The company that gives the tours has a contest where, if you take photos on the tour and get an orb or an aura or something legitimately spookified, you can win $100. I was messing around piggybacking off other people's flashes trying to get something and in the shot above I got a phantom hand. I knew it was the tour guide's hand, she'd been gesturing, but thanks to the other flashes it looked disembodied. I showed it to people, they agreed, we laughed. Today I went to process the photo and as you can see, there's no hand.

That, to me, is legitimately spookified but I don't think it's going to win me $100


  1. We went on one of those a couple of years ago when my mom, sister and niece and I all went to Eureka Springs for a girls trip. It was funny in that awkward cake sort of way. Also the tour guide hit on me. That was actually the scariest part of the whole thing.

  2. Great eerie photo though.

    It's fun to see McSorleys again. I used to go there, back in the '70s just a few years after they were forced to allow women in. They didn't have a ladies' room, you had to stand in line with the guys. I wonder if they have one now?