Sunday, October 16, 2011


Fall is busy and days go by and things happen. 

Then some days you lie in bed with a book and sleep until your joints ache and the pets insist you feed them something or pay the ultimate price.


  1. Love these pictures. Thanks for posting them--I haven't seen many, just read the headlines.

  2. There are still a few more to come. There's a series that comes next, though, that was just going to reduce me to tears. I couldn't do that today. Tomorrow I'll try to tackle it. I don't know that I agree with some of it but I'm still somehow glad it's happening.

  3. i think the whole thing has been enlightening. it's showing how many people are angry and it's demonstrating how corrupt our government and police really are.

    i dread the next step - full governmental collapse and possible revolution - but it may be necessary to enact the changes needed in our government.

  4. I don't think we're anywhere near that step. I certainly don't think that this movement will initiate it. But perhaps it's a start.