Tuesday, November 08, 2011

10 Things De La Lottery

When I buy a lottery ticket it's usually a scratch off*. Also, I usually keep it for a few days while ruminating on the possibilities that would open up if I were to win. I bought two yesterday. I'm planning to scratch them on Thursday. Here are 10 of the things I might do with the money but not in any order of priority.

1. Buy a huge meal for Occupy Wall Street.

2. Buy some Frye boots.

3. Up my dog's walk to 30 minutes per day while I'm at work.

4. Donate one whole month's proceeds of the lottery winnings to reproductive rights organizations.

5. Have my whole apartment repainted.

6. Get a new couch.

7. Give a huge tip to a service person or busker who goes the extra mile.

8. See so much theatre, you have no idea.

9. Have all the art I've bought professionally framed thus liberating it from my closet and and me from the burden of buying frames the right size.

10. Finish recording my CD.

There's a bunch of stuff on here I can do anyway. I'll just have to space them out a lot more carefully.

What would you do?

* Generally I go with the $2 ticket that might net $1,000/week for life. Right now I have one of those and one for $500/week for life.


  1. if i were to win a sizeable amount?

    1 - pay off Chris's and my debt. there's not a TON, but it's enough that it'll take a few years to work through the remainder...mostly mortgage.
    2 - go back to school. finish, fercryinoutloud.
    3 - donate a massive chunk to the MS foundation. it's a horrid disease, and any chance of finding a cure is worth funding.
    4 - send Chris to flight school, help him get a pilot's license. it's his lifelong dream and it's just not realistic on our current household income. maybe i'll attend with him.
    5 - talk to the state about sponsoring a herd-culling hunt in the areas with significant deer overpopulation. (we have a lot of those areas, complete with the deer version of mad cow disease. it's a problem.) ensure all the meat goes directly to local food kitchens. pay for the publicity to get responsible hunters out there.
    6 - get a fence. get a dog. (yes, these are related - there will be no dog at this house without a fence.)
    7 - hire someone to go through the crap in the basement, clean it out, and haul it to Goodwill or the dump.
    8 - finish the basement.
    9 - redo the bathroom.
    10 - repaint the house.

  2. That's a good list - I like that it has things on it that you can actually do, in slower motion. I would do mostly things like that, too... not too much shopping (but hey, I scored Frye boots on sale last year - they must be so out of date, if that's even possible with Frye boots).

    I would

    1) take singing lessons
    2) take photography classes, I am seeing a theme here
    3) YES, house-painting!
    4) there's a sofa in our future - it would be sooner
    5) I think more classes, don't you? I wish I could draw - not like an artist, but less like a second-grader
    6) Massages, much more often!
    7) New bed
    8) In fact, new bedroom - that room needs improvement beyond my skills
    9) Oh, while I'm at it, roof deck
    10) and of course, the hot tub, and the
    11) shed in the backyard that needs building

    I love how I didn't think I could get to 10, and now I can barely stop at 11. That is the gift of your question!

  3. Thank you for this idea - I needed some TTT inspiration this week.

  4. Pay off our student loans. There will probably be nothing leftover after that, but if there is, I'd use to cross off something big on the Life List.

  5. I wish I could wear Frye boots but my feet are too wide!

    You're a good person :-)