Monday, November 14, 2011

Bear With Me A Moment

I know this seems relentless but I've found some other things that are must-read re: Penn State. I promise that tomorrow we'll talk about something different, something light and airy. Perhaps Angel Food Cake*.

I tell you what, here's a couple of pictures of cute puppies before I hit you with the heavy stuff again. This guy I feel as though I should adopt because then I'd have a set, a black and tan if you will.  His name is Paul, for cripes sake, how awesome would it be to have Eddie & Paul. It'd be like a dog radio show. These guys are just...I don't know...the opposite of Eddie and so much what I thought I'd be adopting before I met him. Also I always want to take in the ones who shouldn't be separated because I hate to think that they'll be separated and mourning after already being abandoned.

Better? OK, now on to the harder stuff.

KDiddy is a resident of PA, a football fan, and an all around smart woman so her short post addressing Penn State is worth reading.

Sars, digs deep with the question, "Are We Penn State?" She explores how we might all have made a mistake when confronted with the view of an authority figure committing an intimate crime. Don't think she's defending anyone who failed to report these crimes, though. She gets into the meat of the matter. It's a point that Aunt Snow also brought up in comments yesterday so I wanted to make sure to highlight it here.

Via Twitter I was sent to this piece about how a group prayer won't begin to solve the problems in Happy Valley, nor should it.

Lizz Winstead posted a link to an interview with Sandusky in 1987. Full disclosure, I haven't watched it. I don't think I can and Winstead was pretty clear about how awful it is.

@SPORTSbyBROOKS tweeted this, "Sandusky Grand Jury presentment: 20 people mentioned. 19 men. 1 woman. Guess who called the police?" with this link. I haven't had time to read the article yet.

LOD wrote about how his sons' involvement in scouting has helped open the door to talking about Penn State and keeping themselves safe. I don't entirely agree. He doesn't address the more complicated socioeconomic factors about whether Sandusky's victims would have had access to scouting but I appreciate him highlighting the fact that the scouts are taking steps to keep kids safe.

I can't say that this is the last you'll hear from me on Penn State and Sandusky et. al. but I do think it'll be smart for us to take a short break. Thanks for sticking with me.

*It won't be Angel Food Cake because I hate Angel Food Cake because it's all tough and almost stringy in your mouth but I'll think of something.


  1. I've been hollaring and shaking and pumping my fists over this since the day it broke, even before it got the momentum that it has now. I've been reading and ingesting every story and crumb. I...I think I'm full. I will continue to speak my mind, and rail against it. I will watch Rock 30 tonight that covers it because I like Bob Costas. But I would really like to focus on that black puppy named Paul.
    I think you should get him.

  2. Thanks for the link, Kizz. the odd thing is, I can't bring myself to write about it on my blog - thank you for providing the opportunity to share my thoughts in your comment section.
    I watched part of the Bob Costas interview. I simply can't understand the level of denial on Sandusky's part - it really is pathological.