Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Day 1, Rehashing Day 0

Today's the first day of NaBloPoMo and there ain't nothing like "having" to post to make me drag my heels. Hilarious since I've been pretty consistent lately. (All hail blogging by phone!) Another source of impairment might just be all the half price Halloween candy I just purchased. It's Tuesday, posting isn't hard, all I need is a list.

10 Things I Saw in My Neighborhood Last Night (photos will come in a couple of days, I have a lot of Halloween-related photos to work through)

1. A 7 foot tall Wolf Suit/Puppet.

2. Enormous  and life-like spiders on headbands.

3. A smoke machine to create ambiance on someone's stoop.

4. My neighbors, who thought my costume was awesome. Thank you neighbors!

5. My neighbor, E, who is 3 and who was so excited to be going trick or treating with Mustache Man (Dad) that she could not answer the question, "Are you excited?"

6. Dogs in costume, which was cool but might have been more exciting if I hadn't spent much of the last 2 weeks working with dogs in costume.

7. Three (3) food trucks! There's a big performance on one block. They cordon off the street so spectators don't get hurt when they wander into the road. This year there were 3 food trucks and a 4th food vendor populating the area, too. I feel like we're big time now.

8. Fake boulders being hurled off the roof of a garage into a boxing ring to disrupt an ultimate fighting match between a Crusading Knight and a Circus Strong Man.

9. A Jazz Band.

10. Every square inch of the 3 blocks between M's house and mine because by the time I had to walk home I had spent too much time in my high heels and my feet simply ceased to work. What usually takes 5 minutes took nearly 20. (I know. I'm old. Wow.)

What have you seen lately?


  1. I'd've liked to have seen that wolf!!!

  2. I saw a bunch of poor cold kids out hustling for candy last night in the rain, so I gave them all giant handfuls of candy until I ran out and then locked the doors and turned off all the lights.

    I saw a kid on his first Halloween where he was able to walk on his own(his folks were pushing him from street to street in a stroller) and since it was raining I filled his little plastic pumpkin to the top with candy just in case they decided to give up and get in out of the rain.

  3. Last night I saw a gypsy, three clowns, Sumba, a flower and a pirate. I gave them loads of candy, but still had a ton left over. I took that to work today and by 4, all that was left were the Whoppers. Apparently they are the Smarties of the chocolate world.

  4. It's November? So glad I saw you this morning. And saw this. Most go do/make/cause some awesome, and thank you! (in re: your Q: Saw lots of intense cuteness, lots of foolishness, lots of failure to understand the laws of traffic, and - you know ghosts.)