Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday Prep Turned Sideways

You want to know what's cool? Having someone clean while you cook, that's what. Sign of a good friend, y'all.

We would be so far ahead of the game if the pipe under the kitchen sink hadn't started leaking badly all over everything. It's not going to stop us but it might just slow us down. Have to rewash everything that was stored under there but have to watch the drip bucket while we do it!

Could be much, much worse.

How's your holiday prep going? Are you in traffic? Covered in flour? Already sipping your cocktail? Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. I'm still at work :(

  2. boys in be, just getting to the pie thing. biscuits tomorrow am and then I'm done. house covered in kid crap, but hey they had a good day! fynn now has a sit-innable cardboard airplane with folding wings and a removable body for storage. that's part of holiday prep in this house ...
    sorry about the leak! that sucks. i've had a drip bucket under my sink for weeks that needs emptying about every two days, and i don't always remember it so there's lots of damp plywood ... ah well!