Monday, November 14, 2011

What If Other People Wrote About Penn State

I collected a bunch of links to other people writing about the Penn State rape scandal last week. I thought I would include them with yesterday's post but in the end it didn't seem right so I saved them for today.

Blogher featured a post by berekkah on the grieving that's been going on at the college.

Also from Blogher, a post on the scandal by MinnesotaJoY who is a childhood sex abuse survivor.

A quick account from Gothamist of the way Ashton Kutcher made a Twittering mistake during the breaking of the news. I agree with folks who say that his turning over his tweeting to his management company is a mistake.

Prompted by a clip from ESPN, Aaryn Belfer covers some tough territory about how we work to keep our kids safe these days.

Feministing's coverage of the campus riots.

A quick blurb from Gothamist on the riots. I might not even have included it but it's what I kept going back to as I prepped and wrote yesterday's piece.

Scalzi put in his extremely valuable two cents and even tied it in to some classic sci fi writing.

Again from Blogher, a Penn State alumna speaks on the rape scandal. This one I found both heartening and sad.

Feministing broke news of Joe Paterno's resignation early. We know now that he was fired before Saturday's final game of the season and that firing led to the aforementioned riots. To the best of my knowledge Mr. McQueary is still employed. I have heard a rumor that his job is protected under whistle blower regulations but I have no confirmation of that.

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