Tuesday, December 06, 2011

10 Things Round The Internet

1. This article from Sara explains why I want to kick a lot of dog owners in their pink parts. Why can people not read body language, have common sense, and/or know it's not all about them?

2. TA sent me this link to the top 25 funniest autocorrects from Damn You, Autocorrect's first year. I really did burst out laughing uncontrollably with some of them. Dear Phone, You don't know me!

3. Have you bought your caramel for Christmas yet? You won't regret it!

4. The woman who started funny blog, Regretsy, tried to make sure that some families had a happy holiday season and Paypal smacked her down for it. I'm baffled by the whole exchange. If someone can figure out how to get Paypal to both fix this travesty of justice and explain themselves I would be one of many who would be grateful.

5. MasterCard tweeted to me to send a note to their fraud department about that call I got. Sent it last night. I'll let you know if anything comes of it.

6. Via Neil Gaiman, a NC county tried to adopt breed legislation against pits, neopolitans, chows, rotties, etc. They were, thankfully, roundly faced down. I read this catch phrase the other day and expect to use if often, "Blame the deed, not the breed."

7. Chili posted this and I saw it around Facebook. People of all ages, health conditions, sexual orientations, and nationalities might do well to check out this example. In sickness and in health y'all.

8. This was making its way around Tumblr. It's a short article about what was possibly our country's first interracial gang. It's kind of interesting in general and very interesting in light of this season of Sons of Anarchy.

9. I don't want anything for Christmas. Except that I really, really, REALLY want a rubber stamp of my dog's head. Time to deposit those 2 jars of coins I've got at home!

10. I had successfully avoided any exposure at all to Angry Birds until Sunday's fateful trip to Santaland. The child has hooked me and you may not see me again, maybe ever. It's going to take me a long time. As the girl was all too happy to point out, I'm not very good at this.

*Speaking of Bully Breeds, the photo is of Buce and a gentleman he threatened to adopt in the absence of his boy, who was on assignment in Costa Rica.


  1. the Regretsy issue is resolved, supposedly: http://consumerist.com/2011/12/paypal-bows-to-internet-scorn-agrees-to-release-regretsys-funds.html

  2. So good to hear, thanks for passing on the good news!

  3. Just went and read the link you sent. Love the part about "someone who probably hates the internet right now..." So true. The internet, it will piss you off even when it's making you do the right thing.

  4. mmhmm. :)

    ...in other news, i'm CACKLING at the DYAC link. you're just bringin' the lulz this week.

  5. jesus mary and jerome I'm crying on the autocorrect thing. crying. and i"m glad the regretsy thing is settled. after I saw it blow up on fb i figured something would bend their direction.

  6. From now on capslock will always be cock slap.

  7. DYAC never fails to make me laugh...and sometimes gasp in horror!