Tuesday, December 20, 2011

10 Walls To Bump Into

I'm sure I've told you this before but at some point in preparing for anything I wind up completely unable to prioritize and simply start doing one thing until I bump into the next thing and doing that until I bump into a third. Once I made a wildly organized trip to the PO yesterday, came back to the office and realized that I'd forgotten two things I knew I'd reached the bumping point. So here's a list of 10 things I might bump into.

1. I had such an awesome time taking pictures of dogs on Saturday. I haven't even begun to fight on processing them but holy hell there was fun to be had.

2. This is not a thing I have to do but it deserves its own spot on the list even though I've been telling everyone within earshot about it for 3 days now. My dog was so good on Saturday morning. It's nearly impossible to explain how stellar his behavior was. I was mostly paying attention to other dogs since I had limited time to take photos but I was trying to keep tabs on him. I didn't hardly need to. He kept checking back in with me regularly and was never so far away I couldn't see him. Conclusion: I need to ignore that dog more often.

3. Process other photos. I've been to concerts and caroling and seeing Santa and all of those photos are trapped on the computer. I need to unleash them onto the internet. I want to!

4. Laundry is mostly done but for the putting away. Yesterday I wore that last thing in the tiny piece of the Venn Diagram that was both weather and work appropriate.

5. I'm about ready to get out the suitcases and just leave them open in the living room so that any time I see something that needs to come on the trip I can just toss it in the bag. It's not an elegant system but it's one that works for me.

6. First, though, I need to clear away the upended 5 gallon bucket. During the dishwasher repair a bucket was required. (Having the dishwasher leak and be difficult to repair sucked but my floors have never been so clean!) The only bucket I really have is a 5 gallon one that I used to move stuff to this apartment over 9 years ago. I had chucked more stuff into the bucket but not taken any out in all that time. That stuff is now in a pile on the dining room floor and needs some attention. Anyone need a potentially lethal extension cord? Dusty length of rope? Half a dowel?

7. Also not a bumpintoable thing but did you know that Sunday marked my 9th anniversary of home ownership. 9 years ago that night I was sitting on the floor staring at a neon orange wall and clutching a bottle of dishwasher liquid. This past Sunday I celebrated by ordering in Chinese food for me and Pony Express.  Lest you think that's a lame way to celebrate such a milestone I will paraphrase Mare Winningham, "it was my apartment... and it was the BEST [crab rangoon] that I have had in my entire life."

8. Must make cranberry bread. I don't think that I need to give it to anyone at this point but I already bought the oranges and the cranberries and I don't want them to go to waste.

9. Distribute rum balls to good neighbors.

10. Secure cat care for the 24th and 25th. Holy hell I haven't secured cat care! Shit. OK, gotta go.


  1. Cat care for two days? What kind of cats do you have? Because I leave mine with enough food, water, and clean litter and he's good for several days.

  2. I have the million dollar cat who can't eat kibble because it makes him bleed from bad orifices. He eats a raw diet with supplements and eye of newt and shit. It's ridiculous, I KNOW, but if he bleeds out on my watch (and/or on my couch) I will feel bad.

  3. oh I love that dog in the first picture!!! He looks like the dog in my head for the kids story I want to write :-)

    Happy home owner anniversary!!!

    I just added two new pics for jingle, two variations of the same one cause I couldn't choose which one I liked better. Taken just this morning downstairs at work :-)

  4. Things have gone to Hell in a hand-basket for me. Today, I'm locking down the last of the kid gifts and cleaning out the trunk.

    Today's Italian Phrase in the calender? Sto preparando il viaggio. "I'm planning my trip". The phrase applies to us all I think.

  5. Congratulations on 9 years!

    If you run out of time, I am out of cranberries and must make cran sorbet... I will buy them at a wildly inflated price.

    I do the bag-by-the-door method for all kinds of things... I find it an exceptional tool for the list-impaired (but hey - you're very good at lists, look at these 10 items!)...

  6. Janet, I have never met that dog before but he was SO eager to have his picture taken (ok to get a treat for having had his picture taken). So glad you added the new jingle photos. They are unmissable!

    Cindy, our trip to the nervous hospital? Yes we are! Planning it in detail! How do you say nervous hospital in Italian?

    Sara, if you have a ring and run and find cranberries on your doorstep you'll know who to blame. I like lists but at a certain point they get so important I stop looking at them because they are scary. Then the bag by the door is essential. Oh and my apologies but one of the things that isn't going to get done until my return is the cleaning of your cranberry delight dishes from Thanksgiving. Very sorry.

  7. Anonymous10:04 PM

    can do cats, gladly, just let me know! and wow 9 years ... sorry i missed the neon orange. sounds like a perfect celebration!