Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Photo Challenge: JINGLE (Dammit!)

Here we are celebrating the final challenge of the year. Er, photo challenge, that is. I'm sure the year will find a way to be challenging for the next week and a half, hopefully in small, inconsequential ways.

This was an especially fun challenge and I think you're going to like the results. Please tell the snappers what you think and scroll down for the next challenge. The year may be over but we're going to keep doing this because it's fun (dammit)!

I always look at the themed Christmas trees and think they're beautiful but I could never have one in my home. I'd have to have them be like lshykula's here, full of ornaments that reflect the folks that live there. No one wants a store display in their living room. Well, no one I like.

Last minute entry by fondofsnape! She had this photo op in the lobby of her office building. We do not have anything nearly as cool where I work. Envy!

This is the money shot from a great, though apparently slightly frustrating, homemade ornament tutorial by herm007. I think it's clear what everyone on my list will be getting next year!

Buce's male grown up was standing behind me holding Buce's ball above the camera. If the authorities are alerted I fear we may be jailed for torturing an innocent. Picture turned out pretty good, though, eh?

I really want Elephant Soap to meet Kath because, though they both would have taken this fun shot, Kath would have stolen the ornament after to put on her own tree.

Easy peasy, the next challenge is DONE/BEGUN to celebrate the way the next fortnight will straddle the new year.

Please add your photos to our Flickr photo pool by 9am on Tuesday January 3, 2012 (AUGH!) for posting on Wednesday January 4th . Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks as always for loving this feature.


  1. Awe...Chris used to have the Enterprise ornament. It's one that we haven't replaced from the year we don't talk about.

    Though I would never steel, I would probably act as some sort of distraction for Kath if she really wanted that ornament.

  2. lshykula10:27 AM

    Actually, that's the Reliant, from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. There is much screaming of KHAAAAAAAN in our house around the holidays, you know, as you do.

  3. I repeatedly read that as "holding Buce's ballS above the camera." That WOULD be torture.

  4. One might think Buce's brain is about to explode because of the tree on his head. But of course, his brain is pretty much always about to explode... GREAT PIC!

    You should get in on this Dog Trainer photo sweepstakes (she is Brooklyn/awesome):

    I think you & Ed could win this (but you & Stella also make a fab team!)

  5. love these shots, they all bring back cool memories :-) Merry Christmas, kizz ;-)