Tuesday, January 31, 2012

10 Light Things

1. I was talking to NDP this morning and we were speculating that rabbits are stupid. Later what do I find in my inbox? Proof that rabbits might simply be planning for world domination. Sheep, though? Complete dumbasses.

2. Antonia's daughter made a pirate hat and she decorated it for extra piratey power. I think you will enjoy her explanation.

3. This year an African American woman is Best Director at Sundance. This is a first. We love progress!

4. Schmutzie did a pretty hilarious round up of animated GIFs for Aiming Low. Can't decide if the panda with attitude or penguin falling over is my favorite.

5. Here is my favorite joke from my younger years (yeah, right, still pretty much my favorite):
How do you catch a unique rabbit?
You 'neak up on it!

6. And in second place:
How do you hide an elephant in a cherry tree?
You paint its toenails red. Have you ever seen an elephant in a cherry tree?
See? It works!

7. This particular light thing may not work for everyone...but it's sure workin' for me!

8. Awesome Joolie hangs out with parents who let their kid fingerpaint with his whole body. They should be in the parenting hall of fame!

9. This video of the boxer puppy being greeted by a herd of cows has been all over the internet but I can only locate it within a post of mimi smartypants' so enjoy them both!

10. On her birthday earlier this month Eden Kennedy posted a link to this great timeline of 101 white women from birth to 100. It's pretty fabulous. There's one for white men, too. (Fingers crossed for other skin color sets to appear.)

Now, if you've been inspired by all this lightness and brightness you may be ready to spread the sunshine. With one small gesture you can perk up three close friends of 117 Hudson. You may know that Cindy's husband, Chris, has been diagnosed with cancer and they met with hospice representatives last week. Sueb0b has repeatedly asked her social media community to give them the boost of comment love while we're waiting to hear what else we can do to help. She is extremely displeased at the rate of return she's getting on those requests. So, if you are able to take just a moment to say howdy and we're thinking of you to Cindy & Chris you would spread cheer in a number of directions.

*Photos from this set.


  1. love love the picture of your dog and the boxer/cow video :-) I've been leaving comments on Cindy's site, because OMG how damn shocking is that. FUCKING CANCER!!! FUCKFUCKFUCK.

  2. You of all people know what a fucker cancer is. Thanks for your support. When Suebob registered her displeasure on Twitter today I went over to see what was up and I saw that you had stopped by. Made me feel good that they had a veteran checking in on them.

  3. God. Look at those bony crone grandma hands. UGH!

    Will leave comment love for your pal.

  4. that time line is cool. and cancer sucks.