Tuesday, January 03, 2012

10 Things Mrs. X

Steph posted a photo of her mom on Facebook this morning to mark the 5th anniversary of her death. I would absolutely have stolen it and posted it here but I'm at work and we don't get Facebook here because people are stupid. I combed through my archives and found a few goodies to fill out a list of 10.


2. The last time I saw her Mrs. X took my hand to lead me into the living room so the others would follow us so she could sit down. I think of the way that felt all the time.

3. Every time we eat clementines ChemE and I remember that Mrs. X would painstakingly peel all of the white pith off of them so ChemE would eat them


5. She instituted our Christmas tradition of "Heifer and Homemade" because she didn't want us to spend time and money shopping and worrying and she thought that those two things - donating and giving from the heart - were worthy of us.

6. After she lost much of her hair she wore this bright red beret and when it was broiling hot out she'd soak it in cold water to keep her cool.


8. She made some of the worst chicken I have ever eaten in my whole life.

9. I would give almost anything for the chance to eat that chicken again.



  1. Ha what was wrong with the chicken? She used to do the same for my oranges and clementines.

  2. She would bake a small chicken thigh for a couple of hours I guess. Not much left of it at that point. Which is why eventually Melissa made all the meals.