Monday, January 30, 2012

Double Fister

You guys, 2012 is not only a bitch she's a relentless one. I'm kind of frightened about what she's going to do next.

My schoolmate, Mia, lost her other cat, Lucy, today. Less than a week. I can't even imagine. I gave all my pets pizza crust tonight, I lavished treats on Ed and Bu, we went on a long walk, and it doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. Losing two of your foot warmers in one week is heart wrenching.

Sending all my love both North and Westward.


  1. That is a sad story

  2. God Dangit.
    Much much much love to Mia.
    God DANGIT.

  3. It's the year of death and destruction. Treats for everyone. So say we all.