Monday, January 02, 2012

How Far?

So tomorrow I head back to the grind...sort of. I won't do a full week at work for another 2 weeks. Still, it's more days per week than I've done since the middle of December so, hey, feels a little grindy, right? I'm still thinking on plans and resolutions and lists.

I have, however, made one tiny step in the right direction. Since I've only made one step I guess that's the one I'm going to have to share with you. Inspired by lshykula's 100 days of burpees I decided to do 50 days of sit ups. You do 1 on the day 1, 2 on day 2, and so on. So far so good, except when I accidentally smacked my head into the floor this afternoon. I have no idea if I'm going to be able to do this. I've never done 50 sit ups in one day in my life. I just decided I wanted to see how far I could go.

How far do you want to go this year?


  1. lshykula12:35 AM

    Hooray for you and pushups! Glad to inspire exercise.

    BTW, I didn't see that this actually posted to #fb.

  2. lshykula12:37 AM

    Doh, I meant SIT UPS. Too many burpees in my brain. Anyway, good on ye!

  3. i want to go as far as I can!

  4. Speaking of that, Janet, I want to formally thank you for taking your commitment not to die in 2011 seriously. I had other friends who didn't manage to keep that promise for 8 weeks after I asked it but you sparkled all the way through. You made it look effortless! Thank you.

    Now, how do you feel about promising to stick around until (at least!) 2013?