Thursday, January 26, 2012

Not Quite Out Of The Sty

I remain just wrung out. I'm a wallower, I admit it. I think there's value in a short wallow. Didn't Lorelei Gilmore say that?

I have a Treats for Everyone post to do but I simply can't. It's not for Bu. All reports say he is "surprisingly chipper." I'm going to go lay eyes on him this evening and have secured permission to take his photo for proof of his survival and general wellness. I am sure that I will feel better after kissing his big, boney head again. When I saw him last the vet tech said, "Do you need more time with him?" That's the phrase you're supposed to use only when someone is holding a dead body. Didn't they teach her that in her orientation? So, yeah, going to hand a marrow bone to the superhuman dog and get right with his recovery.

How about a few links today, maybe you need something to read and clearly I can't write it.

1. Here's something that's just so ding dang cute, can you stand it? Does it mean I'll have to get a big dog to carry my little dog when he gets old?

2. Feministing did an interesting round up of ways in which other politicians have fielded the declaration that President Obama is a muslim. Even some of the ones I thought were pretty good or at least inoffensive they're showing me are reinforcing the erroneous belief. Interesting.

3. I love a lot of the photos in the White House's Flickr stream but this one I wanted to share. Tough election year, tough speech, and his reward was to give good news to the family of a service member. That's even better than a bowl of ice cream.

4. For a while I've had my heart set on my dog taking the therapy dog training. He's already been in similar situations and done very well. The one thing I think he will suck at is taking the test and some recent escalations in questionable behavior have given me a small case of the despairs. Now that I know this kind of therapy is possible, though, my efforts are redoubled!

5. I, like a lot of people, still have really mixed feelings about Joe Paterno. It probably is too soon for a joke about him but I got caught up in the intelligence of this joke so I'm going to link to it. If it's too soon for you then please don't click the link.

6. Let's move right on to another joke. This one from a Canadian blog and it's ragging on some fucking dumbass recent legislative efforts here in the US. I'll say one thing for congress, it's good for late night talk show hosts!

7. Who likes books? Here's some library porn. A personal library, too. The personal library of a famous author but still. Green with envy!

8. This link is not a joke but I bet you will laugh and laugh and laugh.

9. I don't know if I asked it here, might have just been on Facebook, but I'm working on a plan to make a sort of warming coat for my dog. He suffers, pauvre puppy. He suffers so much he becomes French when the chips are down. Anyway, here's the idea, dog backpack (small, not red) with some warming device in the saddle bags. Do you think these things would work as the warmers? Theory is that if the rice is dry enough it won't smell like food and make him a portable dinner for passing dogs when he's on a walk.

OK, now tell me something I don't know.


  1. pencil sharpening. i did laugh and laugh.

  2. Anonymous11:58 PM

    that library makes me wet. love me some neil too. pencil sharpening? that hurts!
    did you know the old slightly stooped guy who walks myrtle a lot, slowly, with the big bushy white mustache and the friendliest smile, is named Amerigo? I didn't until this week, but have said Hi for years. Now to pry out his stories ...

  3. If I had that library, I would never leave the house! Sending you good, warm, fuzzy vibes today- sounds like you could use some!

  4. here's something you don't know: someone on FB critized me for using a coaster to cover my dog's hoohaw in a picture I posted today LMAO! Not because I dirtied the coaster, but because dogs don't need modesty LOL!

  5. Miflohny1:36 PM

    This was not really here nor there, but the good news Obama delivered after the State of the Union address was not delivered to a service member's family. Jessica Buchanan was working in Somalia for a group that clears mines from conflict zones when she (and a non-US citizen colleague, who was also rescued) was captured by pirates.