Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Round!

Back again for round 2 of the Hottown Abbey!

It was surprisingly difficult to get a photo of Amy Nuttall that wasn't on the theme of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. I wonder if they took that into account when casting her as Ethel.

I don't think Mrs. Patmore would get so mean and uptight if she were allowed Lesley Nichol's more relaxed 'do and come hither lipstick.

It's that slight squiggle in Thomas Howes' mouth, I think, that makes him irresistibly naive as William.

I know you can hardly tell this is Clare Calbraith but look at that joy. We never get to see Jane have so much joy.

Without her Isobel Crawley corset Penelope Wilton still looks like a formidable opponent.

Mostly when Samantha Bond appears as Lady Rosamund Painswick we just see a hat floating off in the distance. Nice to see the whole woman, eh?

Where is that devil Thomas under Rob James-Collier's scruff and curl?

Michelle Dockery is, I'm sure, breaking hearts far and wide. Lady Mary Crawley wishes she had that going for her.

This photo of Phyllis Logan effortlessly conveys all the kindness that she has to sieve through the uprightness of Mrs. Hughes.

Allen Leech, aka Branson, can drive me anywhere. What about you?

Still more to come!

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  1. NO! Not more class warfare! Stop hating me!

    ...Michelle Dockery is going to get me in trouble with me wife, isn't she?

  2. Miflohny1:38 PM

    I'm not sure how Downton Abbey is class warfare, when the show so thoroughly shows how stupid the class system is.