Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Combo Platter

Well, getting an immediate appointment with a specialist wasn't a possibility so we've moved on to another form of alleviating symptoms. I'm on a short course of steroids, prednisone if you're interested in details. I've done 3 days at 30mg. I'll do 3 days at 20mg then the remainder of the 20 pills at 10mg per day. Whereas I sure don't feel cured I am also able to breathe without an enormous amount of strain. I'll take that. I'm still not moving very fast, though. The trick is to convince yourself that you never have any place you have to be at any specific time then you don't move fast enough to anger the lungs. Frequent naps aren't a bad thing, either. I've slept more in the last week than I probably sleep in two weeks put together. I'm also adding supplements. D3, Lysine, echinacea, even something the Russian Cosmonauts used to take, Rhodiola.

Now, I can't prove that the combination of supplements and steroids produces particular results but I woke up from my nap with Go Tell Aunt Rhody stuck in my head. If that's not some kind of horror they ought to warn you about, I don't know what is.


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  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Glad you've got things to attack it with, sorry it's still hanging on. I'll refrain from offering Fynn's cello services to distract you, the last song he learned was ... you guessed it, Go Tell Aunt Rhody. I can sympathize with the stuck-in-the-head bit though. Also, the rum balls? out of this world, thx again ... they'll be tonight's company dessert too, I'm making myself share them. grudgingly.

  2. Oh, geez, they broke out the pred! On the up side, you can blame just about anything on the pred... FEEL BETTER, please!

  3. Well, sleep is when your body takes time to heal. So hoping this will work and that your feeling better soon.