Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photo Challenge: LEAP

Leap day dawned gray and has gotten rainy and cold. I feel like crap and I've got too much defending of my honor to do today (I'm looking at you anti-dog park people). I am wildly grateful to have this photo challenge to brighten up the situation. Love these photos.

We've got more new folks and we raised $70 for The American Cancer Society in Chris's memory and honor. These are all good things. Please comment here or on the photog's Flickr streams. Please scroll down for the next challenge.

You should go to Flickr and check out all the entries from mousepower1 because her timing is divine. I chose this one because I fell for the purity of color in motion.

Our Cindy/Elephant Soap/The Widow Maddera has been leaping a lot lately. Figuratively at least. I especially enjoy her face in this literal leap.

Do you recognize this look on Our Janet/fondofsnape's pseudo-grandson's face? If you've ever been told quite the tale by a kid you should. Click through to read the transcript of his important announcement.

A study in contrasts between Our Bethany/herm007's boys. They're always a study in contrasts (and complements) but it's rarely this clear.

Smalltown Mom titled this one Leap for our challenge but I want to call it Triumph. Look at the fist pumping joy on that face!

Not only is my beloved Bob leaping here it was a hell of a leap when they adopted him. Adopting pets always is, I think. It's terrifying and awesome and I think I'm standing on the ledge of adopting another one pretty much every day convincing myself not to jump off.

I can't even think of anything to say about this one by Wasagooze. It speaks for itself.

Now we head into March. Lions and lambs and women and history. It's a big month. It's also the month my mom was born. So let's go with WOMAN as our prompt. You can think of it as woman or womyn or wo-man or chicks or broads or ladies or folks or whatever but we'll call the prompt WOMAN as a catch all. (And now that word means nothing to me because I've written it too much.)

In honor of Mrs. X, who was my mom's friend (and my friend, and Steph's mom) we'll be raising some dollars for the American Lung Association this time around. It's also fitting since my lungs continue to rebel in ways great and small. $10 for every photographer who participates in the challenge.

Please add your photos to our Flickr photo pool by 9am on Tuesday March 13th for posting on Wednesday March 14th. Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. Triumph. I like that! Thanks, Kizz!

  2. As uplifting as these images are, each and every one, the whole collection is quite exciting!

  3. Dang! I couldn't think of a photo and I totally had photos of little nephews leaping from swingsets. Dang it all!

  4. fab collection, love them all. and the next challenge? looking forward to that one ...

  5. Love them all, especially the dog one! I echo ChromePlatedGirl in saying Dang! Cause I had some great ones of Max leaping! Sigh...

  6. Aw!! Leap is a great theme. An opportunity I missed. Better bookmark this for four years from now!

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