Thursday, February 02, 2012


Today in this space you're supposed to be reading a heartfelt ode to Our Janet. (That's what I'm going to be calling her from now on, not Janet, not fondofsnape, only Our Janet as though she were a slightly fragile yet beloved 12-year-old circa 1947.) (She's not.) (No, I don't know why I'm doing it but as of today she's ours and I'm claiming her!) The thing is I got her to send me some links yesterday to some posts I wanted to include and, being the super de dooper researchy type that I am (heh) I read them all. Didn't cry until the second to last one but once I got started...

In the meantime I stewed and boiled over the fact that The Komen Foundation has yanked it's funding from Planned Parenthood in a move I'm sure is designed to bolster their anti-choice cred. Lisa Stone, one of the luminous founders of Blogher, blog-checked me in a post about that and I have managed to go waist-deep into the surprisingly hostile comments section conversation that sparked. To my credit I have continued to wear my big girl panties and say things super politely but my tongue is shredded from all the unsexy biting it's been getting.

I can't write about Our Janet (all ur Janets iz belong to us!) today. I can't say what I want to say...yet. I'm going to say it tomorrow. I'll be home waiting for the water to be turned back on, cleaning, and worrying over the piano lesson I'm teaching in the evening. (Yeah, you're right, there's a story there.) I'll take breaks and I'll write and the things I want to say will become blogging reality.

For today go read the article about dog poop where I was name dropped by Sars and gaze upon this audition photo my dog will be sending to the Powers That Be at Mad Men. Good thing, too, those marrow bones don't come cheap. That dude needs a freaking job!

*For each photographer that enters photographs into the FUCK CANCER photo challenge by Tuesday February 14 I will donate $5 to Planned Parenthood and $5 to Think Before You Pink/Breast Cancer Action. Simply upload your photo to Flickr (you can get a free account if you need one), join our Photo Group, add your shot and your donation has been made! If you want a gold star please tag the photo with PhotoChallenge and FUCKCANCER (or CANCER if you're not thrilled about the language).

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