Sunday, February 12, 2012


You know I'm a sucker for dogs, especially my friends' dogs and even more than that the German Shepherds.

This is Tim. He's six, I think.

Think some good thoughts for him, will you?

Then think more good thoughts for his people. They really need it right now.

More information as we have it.


  1. Your blog is a constant heartbreaker, isn't it? I love dogs, and cats, and fancy rats, and hamsters, and all the other furry children people have. I just wish there was a little less heartbreak for us, you know?

  2. I wish it weren't but I can only tell the truth, you know? I have said on more than one occasion this year that I don't know why we keep them all around when they keep breaking our hearts like this.

  3. Oh, TimTimTim, thinking of you...

  4. Anonymous11:55 AM

    he's beautiful. heartbreak sucks. thoughts sent.

  5. No words, just sadness in my heart. Beautiful photos, as always.