Friday, March 16, 2012

Awry Can Be Good, Too, Right?

I live in New York City so, just by virtue of my location my life is super glam, right? Of course. Let me tell you what I'm doing tomorrow.

8:00am     Dog Park
9:00am     Don 7 layers of protective clothing and wrassle Elvis into cat carrier
9:30am     Drop Elvis off at the vet for ultrasound
10:00am   Apply ointment to diminish scarring
2:30pm     Walk Eddie to vet, regain possession of cat, watch vet violate my animals in various
                  ways, defend my choices of healthcare for my pets
2:31pm (I'm guessing)     My mother arrives from the frozen Northland using public transportation
                                         by herself
7:00pm (or thereabouts)   Vet appointment concludes, I apply for second mortgage
7:30pm     Drop animals and mom's luggage off at home
8:00pm     Nice birthday (mine and hers) dinner out with mom
9:30pm     Home again, tuck mom in

So, I know you're thinking, "Kizz, who made up this schedule? There are several points at which it could go horribly awry." Yeah, I know. Which is why I'm telling you about it. I need as many people rooting for this day as possible.

1 comment:

  1. I'm thinking you may have to wait til Monday to apply for that 2nd mortgage. Good luck otherwise, and have fun with your mom.