Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Breaking News & Hearts

A few weeks ago Our Janet and I talked about her dog, Max, and how she was worried about him. She was preparing to say goodbye to him permanently and, like a good New England chick, wanted the practicalities squared away so she could be fully present for her boy when the time came.

He's gone now and I'm so very sorry. Please go check out the tribute she posted. There are wonderful quotes and photos. I began to bawl right off the bat, though, when she mentioned his poor scraped toes.

Treats. For Everyone. No matter how opposable their thumbs.

Love to Janet.

Godspeed to sweet Maxie Boy.


  1. I can't. I can't go read the tribute. Just can't. Treats for everyone. So say we all.

  2. Thank you, honey, for posting this. And Cindy, I completely understand. Gentle hugs :-)

  3. I'm just so sorry, Janet. xox