Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Free Not Unchallenged

Really, I've got nothing. I don't know where to begin. 10 Things you say? I say, I've been sick on some level or another for 6 weeks, I can't even count to 10. In a situation like this it's probably best to go to the starred file.

My printer just chirped like my cat. I'm terrified.

1. This week's Doonesbury strips have been pulled from many papers as the story line follows a woman going to a clinic that provides abortions. You can catch them online, though, and I suggest you do. Note all the lovely little details (clipboard).

2. From the HuffPo via @mameres apparently I can cure my nosebleeds with bacon...technically with salted pork. I am fearful of nasally contracted trichinosis. That's fatal, right?

3. I'm probably going to turn my dog crate into an end table. I'm weird enough for that, don't you think?

4. I haven't watched this yet but it's a TED talk by a photographer, Penny De Los Santos, that I heard speak at Blogher11. I love her. If you want to love her, too, I bet this talk will help.

5. Speaking of Blogher11, on the first night there I met a lovely lady named Laura. She has 5 kids and is a NICU nurse. The other day she wrote a great piece about coming to a place that is pro choice. I've already told her how much I like it. If you like it I'd love for her to hear that, too.

6. Feministing put up a great poster image regarding slut-shaming on International Women's Day.

7. The fact that orders of protection and restraining orders are an ineffective tool for saving women's lives isn't new information. It still just makes me sick to my stomach, though.

8. For those of you who are technically minded Magpie's little journey of an email will, I think, make you laugh. Considering who I work for and how I work it's the kind of thing I've been party to on too many occasions.

9. Also from Magpie, in regard to the Limbaugh bullshit there's a photo of a protestor who I want to meet based on her grin and her awesome sign.

10. Last but not least we have a teensy brouhaha in the fucking shitstorm of hatred toward women and homosexuals this year. So Kirk Cameron, remember him? He was a child TV star and bad boy. He veered evangelically Christian many years ago. Quite recently he made some terrible anti-LGBTQ statements in a very public forum then proceeded to whine about the fact that people were angry about that and told him so. In no uncertain terms. John Scalzi took on his ridiculous expectation of a world with no repercussions for your actions. I love it when Scalzi does that.

I counted to 10! I must be on the mend.


  1. The printer used to be hooked up to Chris's computer. The one that Todd took with him to Florida to try to fix. At one point it was connected to the wireless, but Chris never got around to setting that up for my computer. I can't print at the house. I should probably figure this out, but it's low on the pole.

    I was frustrated to see that Penny's TED hadn't been added to the iPad app yet. I was going to watch it during my walk yesterday.

  2. #7 makes me sick, too. it's also part of the reason i ended up a gun fan. it took getting attacked just once to open my eyes to the fact that criminals ignore things like laws and restraining orders. they're totally different animals.

    i talk about this off and on, and i wish i didn't feel the need to bring it up. i wish violence towards women didn't happen.

  3. I was going to send you Scalzi's post, but I knew you'd already read it. Love it. "freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequence." Love it.

    Violence against women is sort of the subject of one of the plays I'm working on now. Do you know the Clothesline Project? i want to go to one of those events.
    Do a search on flickr for clothesline project photos. Heartbreaking.