Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Laugh, Damn You, Laugh!

There are so many things to be angry about. I'm angry. Angry about my asthma, angry about Trayvon Martin, the people TN has decided should die for their health choices. I can't bring myself to write about all my anger, though, so here are some laughs. Well, they made me laugh.

1. ME: I'm just keeping you on your toes.
HIM: I'm not a ballerina.

2. This is for Misti. Since she's studying Hemingway she'll probably thing it's depressingly accurate. For the rest of us it's funny, though.

3. I don't know if this is funny exactly but parts of it. Consider it homework if you're thinking about getting a tattoo.

4. NDP is getting a new puppy on Friday! I'm going to get to meet him and will probably take a gazillion photos. Keep your eyes peeled. I'm counting on this little guy to bring a lot of laughs.

5. Parts of this essay by Kevin Smith made me laugh but it also made me swoon and melt. Yup, you got that right, Kevin Smith made me go weak in the knees and it had nothing to do with intestinal gas.

6. I've probably told you a million times to read Seth's blog. Maybe you are reading it. What I know you aren't doing is commenting because I'm the only one commenting over there. Help. Please! Today's installment has a pretty sweet Julie Taymor joke among other things.

7. I gave you this one a few weeks ago but, honestly, it remains my favorite joke of all time.
"How do catch a unique rabbit?"
"You 'neak up on him, silly!"

8. I know less about fashion than I do about basketball but voting in Fug Madness is my March obsession.

9. The first line of this writing advice from John Steinbeck makes me laugh right before it makes me bawl.

10. This last one makes me alternately angry and laugh like I'm going to pee myself. These fold up flat shoes recommended by Maggie look amazing. Now look at the price. Laugh. Cry. Laugh. Cry. Laughcry.

I guess that's all you can do.


  1. I'm so guilty about commenting on Seth's blog. Usually I just want to say what you've already said.
    I love the hemingway quote. We're just starting to read him. I really hope to love him.
    the steinbeck stuff was fabulous.
    I wish that I was as good as you are, at reading other blogs. At figuring out how to use my damned google reader, and getting more out of the internet like you do.
    it's a goal.

  2. what the hell is that green thing? small zucchini? g sp@t d!ld@? a frog with a huge p@n!s?

  3. Bwa ha aha! It's 2 pickles, actually. The one in back is a whole one and I've taken a bite out of the one in front.

  4. I like the Steinbeck writing tips. Seems pretty solid.
    I'm bad at following advice.

  5. Kizz, I've seen those fold-up shoes before. Here are two comforting thoughts: 1) ballerina shoes aren't as cute as they think they are; and 2) those shoes are for people so rich and stupid, they have to carry other shoes to save them from their shoes that hurt. If you just skip the shoes that hurt, you will have more room in your bag for camera equipment!

    And also, of course, PUPPY!!

  6. I always love these. Makes me feel in touch. And I am out, way out my friend. Thank you.