Friday, March 09, 2012

Noble Beast, Heavy on the Beast

The last two days have been amazing weather. Windy but warm and just a relief. I have taken Eddie's hula hoop to the park and put him through his paces, much to the delight of passers by. As we walked home last night I thought, "I didn't need to do this. I'll probably hear from NDP." And so I did.

We met, as is our custom, and walked the beasts on a long loop through the park, talking and kicking sticks and dispensing treats. Tim has been in much better spirits since getting on the prednisone. Last night was no exception. He pranced and leaped on sticks, found a discarded ball, and was, I have to admit, a bit of a douche nozzle about getting treats. It's hard to care about that when you don't know how many more he's getting but we did try to rein him in. In fact we talked about how he seemed so well and it was hard to believe that he was so sick since he was leaping up and threatening to chew off my thumb. Who knew how long he'd last? Often we simply peel away when we're done but we stopped on the corner and continued to shoot the breeze while I forced the dogs to show me a few tricks in exchange for their weird fake bacon treats. Finally I leaned down, kissed Tim's bony head and told him that when he went to please do it fast, not to draw it out.

Next time I do that someone please kick me in the ass.

As of early this morning he didn't seem to feel well. By midday his people were called home. Early this evening, surrounded by people he loved, he died before the vet even arrived to give him a boost.

I took these photos a couple of weeks ago on one of our evening walks. Back when Emily was alive NDP and I started the walks as part of our fitness regimen. We carried them through Emily's decline, my dogless period, and through the advent of Eddie. I spent almost a year and countless treats earning Tim's love. When, finally, I could call out, "Timtim!" and he turned his head to me I called the battle won. German Shepherds are mostly a one person dog so I figured that was all I'd get. I know he liked me just maybe not as much as I liked him. That's OK, sometimes that's just how love is.

Tim the burglary deterrent, the purse snatcher chaser, the therapy dog, the crying ball chewer is already greatly missed. My heart goes out to his people.

You know what we do. Treats. For everyone.


  1. Too many. Oof. Treats for you.

  2. so sorry. treats all around here. they do wait to be let go though, don't they? they know, and they feel. xo.

  3. Sending hugs. Noble beast, indeed!

  4. :(

    i'll send puppy breath NDP's way this afternoon...

  5. Oh, Tim, we miss you.

  6. sweet sweet boy. godspeed.

  7. PUPPY!!!

    ... I don't even know these kids, and I break down over it every time. I just think about how I've felt when it was one of my family, and how it will feel when one of the current crops leave us.

    Treats. Lots of them. Yeah. And I'll stay in bed later than I should so that I don't stir them too soon.

  8. It was really hard to say goodbye to this big, healthy boy. Really fucking hard. But he's sucking and whining on a ball in heaven now, thinking of ways to bully Bobby when the time comes for him to also enter the pearly gates.

  9. Oh, Kath, I thought you knew. I've discussed this in depth with Bobby and he's agreed never to die because it would make me too sad. (Ha!)