Sunday, April 08, 2012

Crocus Melter

My immediate family isn't super focused on Easter. As musicians we had Easter music connections. Our extended family celebrates in one way or another so we'd often be invited to Easter feasts. It wasn't a huge, deal, though. Not like Thanksgiving or Christmas or even my grandfather, Robbie's, birthday.

Every Easter, though, I have this memory of Robbie and Biddy's house. I can't even tell you how old I was. I might have been as old as 12 but more likely was 8 or 10. Biddy had put together an egg hunt for all the kids. She released us out onto their expansive lawn to look for all the treasure.

I don't remember if I looked a little and gave up or was being all tweeny and too old for the fun or what. Regardless, at one point I remember standing on the step pictured here and my mom or Biddy giving me a little side eye hint. Right next to the step was a tiny brand new crocus and, gently cradled in the bowl of it, was a single foil-wrapped chocolate egg. It was just starting to melt in the warmth of the sun and you could see that from where were were standing.

That's all I remember, that crocus and being near Robbie and Biddy and my mom, and a slightly melted chocolate egg I don't even know if I ate.

So, Happy Easter? Eat lots of chocolate.


  1. My parents' yard is the perfect yard for hiding Easter eggs. I could stand on the toilet in the upstairs bedroom and look out the window onto the backyard and glimpse the eggs hidden here and there. There would always be an egg that wouldn't be found until July. By it's stench.

    Happy Easter.

  2. Miflohny2:43 PM

    Last year I took Little Seal to an Easter egg hunt where foil wrapped chocolate candy was strewn across a basketball court without any shade. There the candy sat to melt in the midday sun for about half an hour before the gates were open. We didn't go back this year.

    This year, Little Seal woke up and searched his room for treats left by the Easter Bunny, and then came to wake me up, before he searched the living room. Next year I'll have to ask him to wake me up first so that I can enjoy all the fun of him enjoying finding things.