Saturday, April 21, 2012

I honestly don't know the answer to this question. (Don't worry, it only looks like a word problem from your sixth grade math book.)

Two families arrive at a dog training facility for a one hour class to train their dogs to use their noses to find things. One family brings a generous supply of cheese, handmade snacks, fancy food, and pre-packaged bacon & cheese treats. The other family brings a very small supply of dog biscuits.

Which family is insane?

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  1. kabbage11:31 PM

    Worse than math, it's a philosophy question! A lot of people would regard both families as insane for taking dogs to a class that could be seen as canine enrichment. Otherwise, it just depends. Did the second family bring their dog's favorite toy to use as a reward? Is their dog food-motivated? For some dogs, getting to use their noses is the greatest reward ever. As someone who has both made her own treats and used treats that cost over $20/lb (not hard to do when you start looking at the price of the little bags of treats), I'm not likely to say the first family is insane (Or am I since I do refer to myself as a crazy dog lady? Hmmm). I will think of the 2nd family as one that is perhaps naive and with great growth opportunity in the dog-motivation area.