Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Photo Challenge: BETTER

We got some really interesting and engaging images this time around. There were a bunch of yummy food ones. Feel free to stroll through the unfeatured offerings.

I not only chose this one of the three that Our Lisa submitted but had to lead with it because she and I have already joked our way to the caption. Are you ready? This belongs in the challenge would be BETTER if we'd never seen this! *rimshot*

I included this one not actually because everything tastes better with Spoonable Caramel sauce, though it does, but also because my photography is getting better and getting to shoot this display in some spectacular natural light made me feel like a shutterbugging rock star.

Ooo, a diptych! I love it when people play with things and Our Cindy is so good at making stories with her pics, am I right?

Hey look, Our Janet brought something that, while delicious on its own (rhubarb pie with strawberry ice cream she made with her own two little hands!), would be even better with some caramel sauce from my pic!

Since I gave away books on Monday and since today is ChemE's birthday and my fingers are firmly crossed that her gifts will arrive today (come on USPS!) I decree that the next challenge is GIVE. Go forth and GIVE that a think with your camera at the ready, will you?

Please add your photos to our Flickr photo pool by 9am on Tuesday May 8th for posting on Wednesday May 9th. Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. oh, that poor bird :-(

    Love Cindy's self portrait...and your caramel, yum!

  2. For the record I don't think that there's anything wrong with that bird. I think he was just turning his head and she clicked at an inopportune moment. Not sure, though.

  3. those are all fab, and making me hungry ... erm, not the bird that is. love the diptych cindy! nice.

  4. I want some homemade strawberry ice cream and spoonable caramel.

    Also...I kind of want to knit a scarf for that bird. 'Cause it would be funny.