Friday, April 13, 2012

Poe's Dog

I've been hanging on to this for a few days. On Monday one of Queen Bee's sister's dogs, Raven, died.

He was a super sweet guy with a wildly goofy streak. The first time I met him was in the middle of a big holiday and he was chilling on his dog bed, I just curled up down there to spoon him and he thought that was fine. The next time I saw him I gave him a Scooter Snack and he loved it so I gave him another one. Later Queen Bee called to me from across the room, "[Kizz]! Is this yours?" She held up the Snack Taxi I use for dog treats. "I just took it out of Raven's mouth." It was full of Scooter Snacks and he'd found it in the foyer in my purse and been able to root it out of the bag but couldn't open the velcro. When she handed it back to me it was soaked with drool.

I might have given him another snack just for being so smart.

He was an old dude and had been having some gastric troubles but it didn't seem like it was the end of the line. You never know when that's going to happen, though. He's deeply missed and there probably won't be another cuddler like that ever.

Tonight Ed and I are meeting Ben and Michelle to visit NDP and Viggo. You can be sure there will be...say it with me...treats for everyone.


  1. There's so much about this year that I hate so darn much.

    Treats for everyone, so say we all.