Tuesday, May 01, 2012

10 Things For Your Opinion

I found a work around! I think I'll be able to use photos again. Is it a pure pain in my ass? Sure is. Is it worth it to save the money? I believe so. I'll keep you posted. And speaking of posts, here's the one I worked on all morning:

Yesterday I took my last photo for my 365 Project, Pictures of My Hands Doing Stuff. Now comes the wrap up. I'm almost done with the organization of all the shots and the labeling and whatnot. I'm sure I'll write a wrap up post here. However, first on the docket is answering the questionnaire for Noah and the 365 blog. When I submit my answers I get to include 5 photos from my project. 5 out of over 500.

Here's where you come in. Help please! Which 5 should I submit? I went through a grueling paring down process and came up with the 10 below. Can you please tell me which 5 you like best or think should be included? You're also more than welcome to peruse the set and tell me which ones I should have included here instead. Eventually we need 5 though.



Day 79: Fitting Room

Day 100: Inside the Art
Day 162: Out With Friends
Alternate Day 202
Day 276: Goodbye Rena
Day 284: Gifting


  1. Wahoo! I solved a techie question. I think I made Chris proud.

  2. To be perfectly honest I think you made him proud before this but he's probably pretty excited about this, too. Thanks!

  3. chandlier, fitting room, massaged, dishwasher, rena.
    and yay for techie solutions!

  4. Also, I prefer Day 134 (breakfast) to the Chandelier picture. It kind of fits together better with some of the shots you have here like the cards and holding the picture ones.

  5. Chandelier, fists, heart, holding picture, dishwasher.

  6. Miflohny2:12 PM

    It may be too late, but counting down from the top (the top picture being 1, the bottom being 8, since you only included 8 pictures), I pick 2, 5, 6, 7 & 8