Saturday, May 19, 2012

One A Day

Ta Da!

I read some writing advice from Stephen King. It's less advice than it is fact. "If you write a page a day in a year you'll have a novel."

So for about a week I've been writing a page a day. It won't be a novel but it could be a book.

Is there something you do some of every day with the idea of having a larger something in time? How long have you been able to keep it up?


  1. I have to admit to not being very good at the every day thing. I DID manage to get in the habit of taking my vitamins every day, but I started a resolution in January to do one thing every day that made my life better (calmer, cleaner, more organized, happier, whatever). I made it a couple of weeks before that ceased to be a practice.

  2. my most successful habit is that of forgetting to keep things going.

    basically, i fail at habit-forming. go me! lol.

  3. I feel like keeping up with my homework, and keeping the house going, bills paid, jobs done is just about all I can do. I'm refocusing myself on my eating this week. I started a weekly yoga class two weeks ago, so this is three weeks in a row! Wooo!
    I write..something, somewhere, every day.

  4. Yoga, but lately that's been spotty. I've been writing a lot. A. Lot. When I'm knitting something, I'm pretty tunnel vision and don't want to stop until it's finished. I walk every day. I eat breakfast every day. Actually, I start to freak out if I don't stick to my daily routine which includes the walking, breakfast, yoga, writing thing.

  5. I wish I was more like Cindy in that area.