Tuesday, May 01, 2012

This Post Brought To You By The Letter F

Let's say it's F for FRUSTRATION.

I just wrote a post that was going to be very photo heavy, as so many of my posts are. Halfway through uploading I got an error message that I'd reached my free storage limit so could not add any more photos. Apparently when you upload photos they're stored in Picasa albums and you have only X amount of storage. News to me but, I suppose, not surprising.

That in itself is cause for the letter F.

However, I don't want to purchase more storage. I don't make money blogging (yet?) so I can't justify a further cash outlay for the privilege of spewing my guts online. I thought I'd delete some photos from my albums and create space that way. Of course I can't find any information about viewing or editing those albums, just information about buying more storage. I've tweeted to Google, Blogger, and Picasa about this but am not wildly optimistic that I'll be helped by them.

It's about here that I want to start using the letter F a couple of times. At least.

If any of you have any ideas about how the hell I get into those albums or know of other solutions I'd be grateful to hear them.

In the mean time, today's post will not appear. Maybe not tomorrow's either. My learning curve is steep and it gets steeper with every use of the letter F.


  1. Can you not just log into Picasa Web Albums, using whatever email you use for this blog? There should be an album with the name of your blog on it.

  2. What Improbable Joe said worked for me.

  3. The pictures I embed on my blog, I share through Flickr, like embedding a link? Is that the same thing as storing the whole picture? If not can you do that with blogger?