Tuesday, May 08, 2012


I'm having my ass roundly thumped by Microsoft Office today. While we wait to see who wins this battle akin to that of the so-called Network Stars I would like to pose this question to you:

Why is everyone pronouncing the diet pah-LAY-oh when it seems to be the root of paleolithic which is, of course, pronounced PAY-lee-oh?

Your thoughts are appreciated. Also your baseball bats if this mail merge thing doesn't work out.


  1. Because they're idiots.

    More likely, because "paleo" means old and they want it to seem new.

  2. I always say PAY-lee-oh ;-)

  3. Microsoft Office is devil spawn.

    And those "everyone" people? Are idiots. Maybe they think it sounds Italian...?

  4. Around here, we pronounce it correctly, of course. In English. (If you'd like me to pronounce it for you correctly in Greek, please specify Attic, Homeric, or Demotiki/Nea. Don't really do the Koine.)

    I usually hear people pronounce it more as you expect. You know some interesting people ;) I am somewhat more concerned about the way a shocking number of otherwise clever people eat - me, I pretty much eat paleo, plus wine. And hey, look at me!

    Or, maybe, don't.

  5. Damita8:05 PM

    Haven't heard anyone pronounce it that way. Everyone here uses PAY-lee-oh. On a funny note, a friend of my daughter brings a Paleo lunch because her Mom has the whole family eating that way. My daughter was complaining of not eating enough food and asked if I could I pack more. Turns out she was giving half her lunch to the friend with the Paleo lunch. Had to politely ask her not to feed her friend but encourage her to be honest with the Mom about her lunch.

  6. Miflohny2:27 PM

    I must be living under a rock because I've never even hear of the Paleo diet. Or maybe I'm in a cave and all the cool Paleo people are out on the savanah or something ;-)